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  • 5 Inspiring Ways to Overcome Life’s #AwesomeChallenges

    #ThinkPositive while #strivingforexcellence to #overcome #obstaclesoflife -

    Things happen in everyone’s life for a reason whether spontaneous or planned. Everything that’s meant to be adverse for challenging in one’s life journey to eternal perfection is not always bad. A bad thing can transform to good if you see the bigger picture in the midst of troubling times and rely on the Lord Jesus to guide your footsteps. You’ll fall for anything if you refuse to stand for something good or stand up for yourself. Events in your life not only bring out unique qualities about yourself, but hidden things in a person’s heart about you. Either way you look at it, be thankful you’re going through life’s awesome challenges as it molds you to be better spiritually and earthly in all you do. Always, always, always give God the praise in good and bad times. It’s those sensitive experiences that shape you into the soldier the Lord thy God wants you to be for His perfect purpose and will for your life.

    1.Read scripture - The Bible is all truth. And it’s also a natural...
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  • Is #DonaldTrump Hinting at #WorldWarIII?

    He quoted George Washington in his quick speech and mentioned the military will beef up arsenal soon. Are's words a pretext for World War III? If so, who does Trump plan to engage in war with? North Korea or nuclear Iran? Does have any idea that if he starts a rift with North Korea, they have missiles that can reach Los Angeles, California and will put the country into a potential economical recession?...
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  • #AlexanderAcosta: Will He be Confirmed to #TrumpCabinet?

    Alexander Acosta is's first pick for the Trump cabinet as U.S. Labor secretary. Some people allegedly feel the Donald or other higher-ups picked him as a possible token to cover up how Trump allegedly feels about Hispanics. We know how Donald feels about Mexicans and possibly others.

    Could this be a moment of Trump turning heel and showing he's possibly not a racist?

    Related: N.J. gov. Chris Christie @ the White House not looking happy - Trump made him order what? In other news... A mexican mother feels the pressure of Dona...
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  • #BusinessMuscle for the Hustle: Believe and Achieve

    There’s people in today’s world desiring to start their own businesses hoping to transition to millionaires. It’s easier said than done. What is the value of $1million today? It’s virtually the equivalence of spending pennies on the dollar. How fast can a person spend $1 million? Think hard on that one.

    Related: Making millions selling on eBaY as a side business Can a person truly become a millionaire three years after starting their business? Yes and no. Suc...
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  • #WorkingFromHome: If They Did It So Can You

    Some people fathom working from home with the intent of earning a healthy full-time income. It's possible to those who believe and put forth the necessary effort to make the business work for them full-time. It's all about vision, humility, determination, and going the extra mile doing what others are unwilling to do. If your immediate goal is to work from home and get rich quick, this is certainly not the line of work for you. The comfort of working from home requires a self-driven mindset and patience.

    ‘Humble Beginnings and Taking Baby Steps’ Did you know some people became billionaires starting out by working from home? Some became billionaires by starting online businesses, while some started phy...
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  • #DonaldTrump Fails to Add #ImmigrationBan to Shortlist of Presidential Achievements

    It's always a bad look when people see a president or any top government official opposing restrictions on immigrants or new people desiring to enter the United States as lawful new immigrants. Donald Trump's actions leads people to feel and think he's allegedly racist against Mexicans and Muslims. And possibly more if that allegedly. Yes we all know where the Donald stands on immigration: 'Immigration Ban Is One Of Trump's Most Popular Orders So Far'— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2017 Is the Donald doing a temper tantrum rant on Twitter...
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  • #DonaldTrump is 'Not Allowed to do Anything He Wants'

    Eternal everlasting God

    has to give people like Trump permission before the Donald can do anything. Everything happens for a reason. Scripture is being fulfilled. Trump can't even spend his own billions without permission from the Creator. Is suffering now compliments of due to daddy's adverse actions of enforcing a travel ban? Or this is retaliation by against the Donald for telling credit card customers in 2016 to cut up your Macys charge cards?...
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  • #StudentVisa of #CollegeStudent From #Iran Blocked

    A majority of Americans and others globally argue in unity the Trump administration took the ban too far and crossed the line. Who's going to pay for the U.S. - Mexico wall?...
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  • #SuckerPunch Thrown on #Airplane Lands Smack Dab in Someone's #Cabbage?

    Oh what a wonderful way to land oneself in legal trouble and get ejected by airplane staff off of a flight resulting on a ban for life. This is not how a person does the transformation inner work. This sounds like an act of desperation out of hot headedness. It sounds as if some folk were allegedly arguing on the fl...
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  • #Bannon and #Trump Face Serious Fight Against #Democrats

    Democratic speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi calls out Steve Bannon at an NBC press conference. Is it true what Pelosi said? She goes on to mention White Supremacists and how Bannon all of a sudden out of left field "wide discretion" to dismiss top officials and have them "on call," should Bannon and others in his immediate circle reconsider bring back old department official. It sounds as if the leadership of President Donald Trump is already being tested by Democrats and other governments. How will the Bannon and the Donald react to this?...
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