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  • #RealTalk: Removing Phony Facebook Friends and Family Members off Your Friends List

    Seek The LORD Jesus Christ for achieving transformation progress in the quest for righteousness. When it comes to Facebook friends, not every friend is your friend on the ever so popular social networking site. That goes for fake friends who hang around just because you have something they want, or phony family members. While Facebook is a wonderful networking social portal on the World Wide Web to reconnect with old classmates, make new friends, and build your business simultaneously by way of properly utilizing Facebook, there are so-called friends on the friends lists of ...
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  • #SnowBeach: DrewryNewsNetwork Makes Special Request of #RalphLauren in 2017 - 'Request Granted'

    Lo heads out of Flatbush Brooklyn and throughout New York City in the height of the Polo era in the 1990's have been longing for Ralph Lauren, born Ralph Lifshitz of Bronx, NY, to bring back the vintage Polo 1990's collection.

    Related: Polo Ralph Lauren To Retro Legendary “Snow Beach” Pullover - hiphopwired.com As many know, Lauren has been struggling to bring back most of the favorite pieces Lo heads truly enjoyed; some of which include Polo knit bear sweaters, polo crest knits, Polo P-Wing, Polo stadium 1992, Polo sportsman, Polo Indian head knit sweaters, polo cycle jackets, and more. Ralph has been listening to the people and has brought back some of the goodies galore from the vintage days. DrewryNewsNetwork is quite confident old school Lo heads from Flatbush Brooklyn and throughout New York City will see this message, especially claimed Lo Life founders Rack-Lo and Thirstin Howl III, along with other Lo heads such as King Fila of Flatbush, Dallas Penn, BEK Live, and Fredro Starr of Onyx. Famous crews from East Flatbush Brooklyn known for flamming Polo:...
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  • #GoodSolidNutrition: 5 Easy to Prepare Foods that Naturally Raise #Testosterone

    Men over 30 experience instantly declining levels of the primary hormone known as Testosterone. Testosterone, also dubbed as "T," is responsible for helping to maintain numerous functions on the male body. Healthy levels of natural Testosterone help men achieve more than building muscle in the gym and going above and beyond in the bed...
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  • #NBCNews Streams Live Video on Facebook of Firefighters at #TrumpTower

    Breaking: NBCNews.com reports on their Facebook.com page in a live video of firefighters in New York City responding to a fire at the Trump.com tow...
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  • Humble Beginnings of Ryan Deluca of Bodybuilding.com: Comparison of Bodybuilding and MuscleandStrength.com

    Ryan Deluca came from humble beginnings. He had a vision for starting an online business without a clue how to get started. He was a visionary entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast back in the late 1990’s. He purchased the domain name bodybuilding.com February 16, 1999 (via domain name inception date site CheckPageRank.net) for $20,000 and started the business out of the home garage. And launched the site April 13, 1999. With little to no visitors coming to his website, he couldn’t see how he would earn necessary monies to sustain the business. Despite not having enough wet traffic nor loyal clientele to keep sales revenues coming in smoothly, continued moving forward with his online business vision of growing bodybuilding.com to a nationally respected Internet business, earning acknowledgment and respect from professional IFBB bodybuilders and companies across the globe. After purchasing the domain name and running the business of his home garage, he began to get enough orders to the point where he needed to transition into a professional office building. Deluca understood the power of the Internet and how he could reach his target audience. ...
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  • #Adversity: Using Negativity from Others to Start a Business and Learning Patience

    Use what God gave you; a brain, and a will to succeed, and encourage others in a positive way to follow your lead.

    Using your #brains, #creativity, and #character to #build your #business and #succeed in #entrepreneurship / #online #sidehustle - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/affiliate-marketing

    Building an online income is very realistic and accomplishable, even if you are starting out in blogging. Creating and publishing creative blog posts regular, daily, and even hourly and letting your friends and family know online on various social networks increase awareness, traffic, and potential online income.

    Related: 7 Tips For Side Hustlers Struggling To Deal With Rejection - Forbes.com The best and easiest form on building a passive online income is with affiliate program, and contextual advertising, which are all searchable s...
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  • #PersonalHealth: Time to Invest in a Juice Machine for #BetterHealth

    Fruit and vegetable juicing machines continued to prove themselves worthy to have in households today. As healthcare costs continue to rise without prior notice on most occasions, some people seek alternative ways to stay in good health without consistently visiting a doctor. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables in a juicing machine is a g...
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  • WordPress Plugins Are A Must Have

    Are you an aspiring or amateur blogger looking to take your WordPress blog to the next level and go from a side hustle blogger to a full-time internet blogging professional?...
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  • #Podcasting: Promote Your Business for Free and Make Money Using #BlogTalkRadio

    Are you aware of the amazing benefits associated with podcasting? Do you even know what a podcast is? Podcasting is basically an online radio show. It's a freelance radio show whereas you use your voice and your natural personality to drive traffic to your online business. People anywhere can join in on the radio show conversation and add valuable feedback. In turn, a podcast builds your business. You can make money podcasting with your online radio show. BlogTalkRadi...
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  • #SEO: Struggling with Search Engine Optimization for Your Affiliate Site?

    The video above from Chase Reiner SEO on YouTube.com discusses SEO for affiliate sites. As you already know, Google.com frowns on the promotion of raw affiliate links, even with the rel="nofollow" attribute. If you find yourself scratching your head from time to time how to best optimize your website, WordPress blog, or ho...
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