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  • #Forbes: 10 Best Cities for Marketing Jobs

    Give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ always if you're blessed to get a job in marketing anywhere in the united states. And if you don't yet have a job, thank God anyway. He will make a way out of no way for you. If you land a job at Forbes doing anything, you pretty much achieved job security. If your degree is in marketing and looking to take your career to the next level in today's world, consider relocating to nyc. That is, if you don't mind riding the new york subway to and from w...
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  • #FalselyAccused: Looking at Things from Both Sides

    God laid it on the heart of the young man falsely accused to have forgiveness in his heart toward the one who said he did something wrong and later became friends with him. If the Lord Jesus Christ did it for him, Christ can do it for you!

    Are you someone who was falsely accused before of a crime you never committed? Perhaps you're someone who was forced by some court in America to accept a plea deal because you didn't have money for a good defense lawyer and scared for your life though you never committed the crime. It's no good feeling for anyone to walk around with a criminal record for a crime never done. Little does any police officer, detective, female, or anyone else know in the legal system that when you allegedly accuse someone someone of a crime she or he never did and you filed a false police report and seek to prosecute that person, you will answer to the Lord thy God in judgment. The Lord Jesus Christ is against people who speak with a false tongue and against those who produce "false witnesses." A...
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  • #NYDailyNews Just Said #NYCHA Will Break in Your Apartment

    Say what? The New York City housing authority is now in the business of breaking in people's apartments without a warrant? Oh really now? Since when? And why are they doing this? According to the New York Daily News, NYCHA are tapping into apartments of people for a specific reason. If you happen to be one of many folk the NYCHA spontaneously walks in on, just be mindful that your valuables are in a secure place and you don't have anything in your apartment that you shouldn't have. Chances are, after they finish doing what they have to do, they may allegedly, unintentionally, and randomly take a quick snoop around your apartment....
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  • Create Meaningful Marketing #Infographics With #Venngage

    Infographics. They have the potential to do more than what most people think. What is it exactly? It's basically a creative online illustration using an assortment of colors, descriptive wording, and images to make a point about almost anything. A good infographics has the ability to influence thoughts years to come. How can infographics be put to good use for starters? If you're new to it and trying to make a point to your friends, family, or coworkers on social networks like,,, or about a sensitive topic such as relationships and the off and on boyfriend and girlfriend dating game, you can create nice infographic centered around that subject. If you own a blog or website discussing only relationships, adding infographics to your site will be a great way to engage with your readers on a deeper level. How so? Your readers will agree or disagree with your...
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  • 5 Fire Hot #AffiliatePrograms to Join on #CJAffiliatebyConversant


    Affiliate marketing proved itself to be a stable and viable source for earning a decent living. Since its debut in the mid 1990’s, affiliate marketers who dedicate themselves to creating valuable content such as blog posts, special offers, videos, and webpages eared a silent killing either from the comfort of working from home or on their laptop working anywhere they could tap into a secure internet connection.

    Affiliate marketing is here to stay as more people today are resorting from working day jobs and quietly transitioning to online marketing full time. If you’re not yet an affiliate marketer or blogger, you can always learn more about the internet marketing industry by performing searches in your favorite search engine such as,, or to learn more. As with any business, you can earn more or less depending on your determination, effort, humility, and persistence.

    ‘Commission Junction’, formerly known as Commission Junction and now CJ Affiliate by Conversant, continues to be a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. They’re not only a stable affiliate network who works closely with affiliates to help them succeed, but also works with the world’s biggest names.

    CJ by Conversant works with advertisers...
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  • #Obama Allegedly Forced the Mouth of #DonaldTrump to Mess Himself Up for Potential #Impeachment?

    Former U.S. President's name is all over news networks. The current sit in President allegedly suspects Obama potentially wiretapping Is this true? Did Trump allegedly put himself in a position for possible impeachment by tweeting his suspicions of the former Prez? Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017 If former Prez Obama didn't do this and the Donald is saying he did without evidence, this could possibly mean Trump left the door open to be kicked out of the Oval office. What do you think? Do you suspect Obama allegedly wiretapping phones or is Trump allegedly delusional?...
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  • #SundayFoodReview: #Lobster All Day at #PanasianPhiladelphia

    #CrabKing -

    There was a time when Panasian buffet, located in Northeast Philadelphia, resorted to serving Lobster on special occasion such as holidays and superbowl. Things changed. Panasian Buffet, located off of Roosevelt Blvd and Adams St nearby,,, and now serves Lobster on weekends. And it’s worth spending the cash to eat as you’ll walk away a happy and full customer. Only thing is, if you really want a nice portion of Lobster on your plate, you ought to keep a sharp eyes on the section where the Lobster plate goes. Why? Some Panasian customers virtually stalk the Lobster plate waiting for the Hibachi server to bring it out, so they can get “first dibs,” and stack as much Lobster as possible on their plate.

    How much? Look forward to paying somewhere in the ballpark of $13.99 per plate. That doesn’t include the cost of drink. Is it worth the money? Absolutely! Not only will you get the best grilled Hibachi food in Philadelphia dining at Panasian, but you’ll also have a variety of tasty desserts to choose from.

    Choices of dessert:
    • Shortcake
    • Sliced Kiwi
    • Sliced oranges
    • Sliced pineapple
    • Grapes
    • Sliced cantaloupe
    • Strawberries

    The list goes on.

    Today’s favorite pics from Panasian buffet North Philly:

    #Welldone #Hibachi #shrimpsteakchicken on deck -
    #HibachiLobster in #ButterandGinger #sauce -
    #Pineapple by #Dole for #dessert -

    Beautiful Hibachi food selections: ...
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  • The Goodness of Starting an #OnlineSideHustle

    Helping your church and pastor through financial contributions and service from the heart is the real transformation and will keep you residually blessed by the

    Lord Jesus Christ, who is God and God alone. Truth: Today’s era is not the era for relying on your employer and job for a healthy pension. Pensions are pretty much out the door. Wondering why companies today are quick to offer you a 401 (k) plan? Corporations know people are spending happy. Once your 401 (k) is spent to the bone, you’ll be right back out in the workforce slaving away. Even if it means you’re 80+ years old and looking for a job again. That’s the iron-clad truth. However, if you have an alternative plan for financial supplementation to add to your retirement income or existing day job income, you may fair out well if you start an online side hustle from your laptop or comfort of your home and steadily work at it. 'Work Slowly and Steadily Toward Your Online Business Goals' Maybe you’re one of those people who work a job where your employer treats you bad. While the disparate treatment from your boss could be a silent deterrent toward you quitting your job, you could use that treatment from your employer as indirect motivation to start an online business and work on it in your spare time. What skill set or special craft do you harness that people will find value from? Is it blogging and writing a certain style about a favorite topic that’ll attract and retain readers? Do you have a love for writing on ...
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  • #BreitbartNewsNetwork Allegedly Bragging About Interviewing #Trump

    BNN ( - Breitbart News Network published a blog post yesterday discussing a meeting in the oval office with Trump talks Oscars, fake media, politics, and healthcare. Will the Donald completely do away with And who really cares if Breitbart met with President Trump?...
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  • 5 Dead Simple Ways to Increase Donations

    People are flocking out of the woodworks from all corners of the earth to to successfully raise money online. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a fundraising site where you can create a free profile and an online fundraising campaign for almost any purpose. Almost everything, but it has limitations. Be realistic about the type of campaign you want to start before setting up your profile. If you feel it may attract unwanted attention for the purpose you’re seeking to achieve, don’t do it. If you have shady purposes for raising money using GoFundMe, you will be caught and shut down. 1. ...
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