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  • #LarryEllison of #Brooklyn: Defying the Odds from Humble Beginnings

    Oracle's Larry Ellison of Brooklyn, New York came a very long way since launching his company back in the late 70's. Though Ellison never finished college he continued doing the transformation educational-entrepreneurial work and continues to succeed.He didn’t allow his current circumstances back then to hinder his future ambitions. Sure he had naysayers possibly composed of family and fake friends. But he allowed the creative business potential in him flourish to the extent of succeeding beyond average. Look a...
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  • Why It's Wise to Start a #Business While Looking for a Job

    #NewYorkCity - #thinkbig - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    Truth: Starting a business in the midst of your greatest challenges can bring out hidden strengths in you. Adversity is a silent teacher of perseverance. What's your reason for starting a business? Are you sick and tired of low-paying jobs or how your supervisor or boss treats you as a less than individual? Are you sick and tired of coworkers looking at you sideways for whatever reason? Or perhaps annually submit manual and online applications for potential employment only experience rejection after rejection? Whatever your motivation is for starting a ...
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  • Your Small #OnlineStartup Could Make Millions Later Down The Road

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to earn millions online. However, it does take determination, humility, staying the course when things are not working online for you financially in terms of making money on the web, additionally to having an entrepreneurial mind to keep going the extra mile. Starting up your own business on the world wide web can pay off for anyone who believe they can succeed...
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  • Knowing When to Quietly Sever Some #BusinessRelationships


    is against "divorce and remarriage." It's "null and void." The Bible clearly speaks out against divorcing your spouse and marrying someone else while your 1st spouse is still living. The young lady in this video mentioned she's divorced. That is ok by the law of the land among people, but has not a leg to stand on before the creator of the universe. Have you ever been in business for yourself and made a small pact with someone in your line of work only to find out later when things didn't go your partner's way concerning you, they start to indirectly and subliminally call you names? Su...
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  • #Forbes Preaches Importance of Early Entrepreneurship

    Forbes continues to be a positive business leader in the world of valuable financial information sharing. DrewryNewsNetwork respects Forbes, as well as the other wonderful financial information titans. In an article on the Forbes website, it talks up the sensitive and thought-provoking topics of "Starting a Company When You're 25, Not 52."

    Are you getting organized with NO delay when it comes to being the CEO of your own business, or just procrastinating and allowing time to pass you by?...
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  • Staying One Step Ahead in Push vs. Pull Strategies

    The world wide web allows anyone to respectively build a business from scratch without prior experience. Whether an individual is tech savvy at internet business marketing or a newbie to the online marketplace, one important thing that webpreneurs should take a mature approach toward is building and sustaining online relationships WITHOUT the intent on trying to hard sell in the moment. This is the sensitive moment of a webpreneurs online career is when she or he takes time to build a relationship with their blog readers, social media followers, e-mail newsletter subscribers-customers, and unique site visitors who have yet to be converted to "repeat online buyers." As part of the pull strategy, meaningful conversation is part of the keys to sti...
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  • Humility is A Must in the World of #Business

    It’s easy for most people to start a business from scratch and amass millions without a drop of humility in character. It’s also easy for most entrepreneurs to feel they’re better than others after amassing millions and billions from business ventures....
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  • The Importance of #Budgeting for #Financial Success

    Having a large sum of money on hand in the moment doesn’t mean you can spend it all at once without consequences. Striving to maintain a healthy budget is good for having “personal finance discipline.”...
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  • #Forbes Offers Ideas on Businesses Anyone Can Start With Almost no #Money

    Stop looking at your current situation and what you don't have. The best of the best started businesses in the worst times of their lives. What makes you so different from them? It's all about having a positive mindset in doing the transformation business work. Not sure what kind of business you should start? No worries. Just watch the video by Forbes and be inspired to get started while feeling financially uncomfortable. The Forbes YouTube video discusses seven different businesses you can start tomorrow with virtually little or no money. Acting on faith without a clear vision is how most entrepreneurs st...
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  • #RagstoRiches is a #StateofMind Anyone Can Achieve

    True transformation champions understand succeeding in anything in life entails going through countless times of trial and error. Failure doesn't mean it's the end of the world for you; it's valuable learning experiences from failed business ventures or relationships that one learns where they went wrong. Failure is the catalyst for a person to abnormally succeed beyond expectation. How can you learn from failing if you become content to the point of staying down and not trying again? There is ...
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  • How to #Succeed in #Business by #GayleKing

    She's a hard working woman and stays on her entrepreneurial A+ game. She's doing the transformation business work and moving full steam ahead. Gayle King continues to be an inspiration of female leadership and innovation. She sits down in a Forbes.com interview discussing business,...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post Is It Possible to #StartaBusiness and Multitask?
    in News

    Is It Possible to #StartaBusiness and Multitask?

    One thing many people don't know about starting a business online is that you can work on it in your spare time. You can keep a day job, work on your college degree, not worry about paying employees, and maintain a piece of mind building your business on the web from scratch. While it takes a signi...
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  • Having the Mental #Muscle for the Hustle to Succeed in #Entrepreneurship

    Transitioning into entrepreneurship is never easy. If you want it, you'll be willing to go through the awesome changes. As many people think starting a business and making money is a virtual piece of cake, it's a harder journey to travel vs. working the traditional 9 to 5 workshift. You have to create your own healthcare fund,...
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  • Building Meaningful #Relationships and #Learning Your #TargetAudience

    The best Internet marketers are those who don't try to put forth their best foot selling something to someone on social networks. Getting to know your audience sometimes requires having a general conversation. It can be about something completely off-topic. In fact, when you use a natural method known as "socia...
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  • Sumome.com Helps #Bloggers Understand Their Target Audience

    In today's age of information technology and ever-so-changing search engine algorithms, bloggers and dedicated internet marketers need the necessary tools afforded to them to help them process certain data. It's the age of "big data" we live in today. As affiliate marketers and bloggers seek to better understand their audience and serve them effectively, they also need an all-in-one solution to help increase workflows and increase online revenue potential. Sumome.com is the transformation business solution for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and website owners. Using this service will help bloggers and online marketers not only better understand their audience, but...
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