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  • #Forbes Encourages Everyone to Start a Business

    Unemployed? Looking for a new career while employed? Don't know where your life is going career wise? Unsure of your retirement and if you'll be financially secure in the future? Great. If any or all of this is lingering on your mind, now might be the time for you to start a business. If you dare to discover your true entrepreneurial strength and want to get your feet wet in the world of traditional or online business, Forbes recommends you to start your own business and get organized "with no delay" while striving for excellence.


    Unemployed Americans have a unique advantage in starting their own business. How so? Most Americans today who are unemployed have a positive advantage of mentally regrouping their career strategy. They may possibly have the time to rethink their approach towards life. They have free time on their hands to optimize their resume, perform necessary research on the type of business they may potentially be interested in starting, alongside possibly searching for daytime employment.

    Related: Millionaire By Age 30? One Blogger Offers A Few Not-So-Easy Steps - Wbur.org Americans who are unemployed are not worthless. They may be future CEOs, doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, and potentially billionaires. For unemployed Americans, it's definitely a ...
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  • #GetOrganized: Asian BIllionaire is Youngest on Forbes List

    He did it in 5-6 years. Started from scratch and grew it into more than a virtual social networking chia pet. Yoshikazu Tanaka is a young man holding enormous wealth. He started from the bottom like most entrepreneurs did and worked his way up with a visionary mindset. Tanaka knows struggle and did the transformation business work. Social networking holds hidden millions in earnings from ads for those who start their own social networking portaland stay consistent with doing the work. In a personal opinion, it's viewed by some that being a billionaire is really more like a curse. Having that kind of money is really not that healthy. But, if you are a billionaire, perhaps giving the fortune away would leave anyone with a feeling of being complete, since the excessive funds one may have on hand will go to the good of helping other genuinely in need. H...
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  • #FreshBeginnings: From Humble Beginnings to Entrepreneurial Greatness

    There's virtually unlimited positive reasons why you should be excited about starting and running your own business. Wherever you get to read a humble and inspiring business transformation success story, whether it be in a financial magazine, on the Internet, in a newspaper, a YouTube video or anywhere additionally, it should stimulate the entrepreneur within to come out. These regular everyday people mentioned in an article on OPENForum.com are normal people just like you. With a solid business plan in place and creativity, they used $10,000 and faith to operate their company at full strength. Besides succeeding as millionaires in their line of work today, they continue to put hope in the hearts of aspiring entrepreneurs who desire start their own businesses and look to them for entrepreneurial inspiration. ...
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  • #PeopleFirst: Unwritten Rules for #OnlineBusinesses

    #CustomerPersonalization and #meaningfulbusinessrelationships are always good for #business - http://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/business

    Businesses operating on the World Wide Web should make relationship building with their target audience the first action step for web business success. It’s those precious moments when businesses take time to personally respond to social media comments, answer e-mails, and upload videos to YouTube answering individual consumer questions personally that builds rapport and trust with potential and established online consumers. Serious businesses operating online who value relationships with their audience understand that it’s not all about selling something in the moment; yet, earning consumer loyalty, earning positive word-of-mouth advertising to others. Fair pricing is an absolute must an an unwritten rule "in most cases offering free shipping as a way of showing customers you appreciate their business."

    Personalization - Consumers or opted in subscribers who receive customized content from companies feel special when the body of the message begins with addressing them by first name. An example would be an e-mail newsletter. E-mail newsletters formatted by companies use sophisticated automation software to customize individual e-mails by addressing consumers...
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  • Why You Will be Broke for the #RestofYourLife

    You’re probably one of those people that dream of starting their own small business and never bothered to put your ideas in action. You watched everyone else who you grew up with in your local neighborhood prosper, weather it be by graduating from college and getting a good paying job in their field, starting a business and striking it rich, so on and so on. You never moved forward with your life in the manner you desired. You are afraid of risk and what people would think or say about you if you failed in a business venture. So you settled for a measly low-paying day job that pays absolute peanuts and feel like a corporate slave and most likely living in a shack somewhere on skid row. You chose to live this way voluntarily because you’re afraid of success and diving into the abyss of entrepreneurial uncertainty. You’re looking forward to passing 20 the 25 years on your current job and retire with a can of beans pension in monthly retirement income. You’re one of those people who complain and whine about every little thing whether ...
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  • Food for Thought: #Jobs and Starting a #SmallBusiness During and After #College

    Maybe this is an indirect hint of encouragement to start your own business. Who knows. A majority of America's youth go through four years of student loans, graduate from college with a bachelor's, Master's, J.D. or Ph.D post-doctorate. Some end up in debt paying back student loans.

    Related: (OPENForum.com) - Inspiring small business ideas for college students They pursue related jobs throughout America whether traditionally or online through job site portals, unable to attain immediate employment even with their new degree. Is there hope left for college graduates to secure immediate employment relevant to their major afte...
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  • #WorkingFromHome: Still Profitable?

    It doesn't matter who you are. Every successful entrepreneur today had humble beginnings. Bill Gates of Microsoft and the founders of Google started their businesses from a home garage. Michael Dell, like Mark Zuckerberg, started out of a dorm room. You have to be a visionary entrepreneur to stay the cour...
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  • #StartingaBusiness is the Right Thing During and After Employment Rejection

    #StartaBusiness after #employmentrejection - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    Today’s job market is rough. Employers demand that job applicants in the new era of today’s workforce have a college degree, relevant experience, and reliable references. They also demand that qualified job applicants have anywhere from 5 to 10 years of experience related to the position applied for. Anything short of that may result in qualified job applicants (despite having the experience and degree) getting a rejection letter. It’s not about how many times an applicant has been rejected; it’s about personal growth; how that individual handles it and uses rejection to their positive advantage that makes or breaks them.

    Faith - This is the toughest thing to do when you’re faced with opposition. It teaches you humility and to rely on the Lord Jesus Christ for your full strength while striving to achieve total life transformation.

    Pressing On - Slow progress is better than no progress. Progress, not perfection should be your business mantra toward achieving small and feasible daily goals.

    Starting a Business in the Midst of Rejection - Don’t...
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  • Business Transformation Success: Humble Beginnings of #SamOvens

    Total transformation is impossible to be completely grandfathered in overnight. It takes lots and lots of spiritual and entrepreneurial conditioning. A mind of determination and willingness to adapt in changing times. A mind refusing to quit when things get hard and when people walk away from you from non-belief. While Sam Ovens started out as small potatoes from his parents garage launching his consulting venture, he did the business work in faith steamrolling ahead at full strength. Despite his circumstance at that time acting out...
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  • 3 Easy Ways to Succeed in #AffiliateMarketing

    Most people in America today are sick and tired of the average life. They go to work for eight hours a day and feel no way out of the rat race. Affiliate marketing provides a meaningful way out and a renewed hope toward financial wellness. Affiliate marketing is revolutionizing the way people think today. Online marketing has truly changed the history...
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  • #RagstoRiches is a #StateofMind Anyone Can Achieve

    True transformation champions understand succeeding in anything in life entails going through countless times of trial and error. Failure doesn't mean it's the end of the world for you; it's valuable learning experiences from failed business ventures or relationships that one learns where they went wrong. Failure is the catalyst for a person to abnormally succeed beyond expectation. How can you learn from failing if you become content to the point of staying down and not trying again? There is ...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post Is It Possible to #StartaBusiness and Multitask?
    in News

    Is It Possible to #StartaBusiness and Multitask?

    One thing many people don't know about starting a business online is that you can work on it in your spare time. You can keep a day job, work on your college degree, not worry about paying employees, and maintain a piece of mind building your business on the web from scratch. While it takes a signi...
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  • #1800Flowers Founder #JimMcCann Discussed on #CNBC

    1800Flowers.com continues the amazing journey of being an innovative company. Since humble beginnings in 1976 by founder Jim McCann, he not only kept the company above water in trying economical times, but, also managed to take the company public, according to the article about McCann on CNBC.com His business transformation story hopefully inspired you to put your business ideas into fruition if you haven...
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  • #ElleMacpherson Transitions from #Modeling to #Business

    This young lady earned her stripes. She started her career modeling and understood that line of work is short-lived. Short-lived to the point of having age restrictions on all modeling careers. She made a name for herself in the modeling industry and earned respect to the point of using it as a mea...
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  • #SideHustle: Starting Your #OnlineBusiness Now is the #WaytoGo

    #success is #attainable if you #believe and do the #transformation #business #work as a #faithful #entrepreneur - https://DrewryNewsNetwork.com/forum/business

    Still skeptical about taking a leap of faith and acquiring your own dedicated server and starting a business blog or website? If the answer is yes, you're procrastinating on your own future success. Nowadays, starting a business on the internet is the move. Yup, the new business steelo is getting up and running online. Even if you have no prior business experience, no college degree, know nothing about doing business online, or what have you, you can still get a good web host and install CMS "content management system" software such as Drupal, Joomla, Pligg, or WordPress "all are free" on your dedicated server and quit delaying on getting organized with starting your online business.

    Webpreneurs Who Succeeded In 2004, Gina Bianchini and Marc Andreessen started Ning.com, later acquired by GlamMedia.com in 2011. Back in the day, Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe started MySpace.com and later sold it to Rupert Murdoch for a whopping half a billion + dollars. PayPal started in 1998 and didn't know how successful the company would be later down the road. Meg Whitman and Pierre Omidyar started eBay and sold the 1st item as a broken laser pointer for less than $15. Michael Arrington started the famous multi-million dollar WordPress blog site TechCrunch.com in 2005 "former CEO of Pool.com," and later sold to AOL for $25 million. Bob Parsons founded GoDaddy.com in 1997 and wasn't named Go Daddy back then. Kara Goldin of HintWater.com started the company in 2004 and a former employee of AOL.com. Om Malik of GigaOm.com started the famous WordPress blog after quitting his day job. Arianna Huffington started HuffingtonPost.com "blog by MovableType.com" in 2005 after experimenting with blogging and gaining a better unders...
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