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  • #HolinessinGovernment: When Will Politicians Reintroduce #Prayer Back into #PublicSchools?

    Can #government and #religion #coexistpeacefully? - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    Open freewill disclaimer: The Lord Jesus Christ who is God and God alone is shamelessly and willingly acknowledged by this site. This site is NOT ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ!

    This is an opinion and truth post by drewry news network and does not reflect the outlook or mindset of its advertisers.

    They say they trust God printed on money. Many politicians allegedly reject religion across the board. It’s always “two different things” among them. The thought of implementing government and religion together in unity is like mixing oil and water in the back of most people’s minds. Religion plays an enormous role naturally in structuring and maintaining an organization spiritually and otherwise. Many people and most politicians want to keep religion out of government due to their personal feelings. One of the main reasons is because of homosexuality. It prohibits two men and two women coming together and making a proclamation as one flesh. Homosexuals are against religion because of this reason and want to keep religious laws out of government. Homosexuality is wrong because a man was not created for another man to be intimate with. Nor was a woman made to lay with another woman as she would with a man. Homosexuality is WRONG! drewry news network speaks out openly AGAINST homosexuality and AGAINST homosexual marriage! A man and woman were created to come together as one flesh; not two men and two women. Scriptural law discusses living a righteous life and staying away from abominat...
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  • Unwritten Rules: Moving Forward After a #BadRelationship #Breakup

    Move on without further contact after your ex parted ways with you. Mature from your dating experience. See where the relationship went wrong on your own time schedule. Make changes in yourself, your character, and how you relate to others so you can have better future dating experiences that possibly lead ...
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