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  • Humble Quote and #WordsofInspiration

    The Lord Jesus Christ is the only and ultimate source of transformation revitalization of your soul, heart, mind, and body. Former state department head Colin Powell said it best: "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." - Colin Powell. An excellent quote he made. When striving fo...
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  • Inspiration or Desperation: #HodgeTwins #Eating #MexicanFood in #California?

    In California, Carl's Jr. is among the most trafficked fast food restaurants alongside Jack in the Box. Carl's Jr. is owned by parent company Arby's, who also operates Hardee's. And now, Miguel's Jr, a Mexican homemade food style restaurant, appears on the scene in Cali. It looks as if the Hodge twins gained weight from munching foods they have no business affiliating themselves with. And as y...
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  • New York Rapper #FatJoe Achieves Honorable #WeightLossTransformation

    He Lost 88 Lbs? Not fat Joe from the Bronx. Him??? You knew him as a heavy set rapper from Bronx, N.Y. way back in the day. He was been long time friend to rapper big pun before pun passed away from obesity and heart failure. The one they know as fat Joe transformed into a health-conscious person. He achieved quite an admirable transformation of health. He lost over sum 80 + lbs. Making a transformation of inner and outer self is no easy job for anyone. Rich, ...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic ​Benefits of #WeightLoss

    ​Benefits of #WeightLoss

    Losing weight is more than looking good on the outside. It's a state of mind and journey for life. There's so much more to it then getting a smaller waist, fitting in those skinny jeans again, eating smaller meals, and feeling like a different person. What some people don't look at or think about before a...
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  • Erik and Maleka Help You Get #BackonTrack With #WeightLoss #Transformation

    A down to Earth couple who's been through the trenches of adversity has not only lost the weight and became inspiring transformation success stories on Muscle and Fitness, but also launched their own blog to inspire others to be the change. Transformation shows you yourself. Erik and Maleka genuinely help make good people better with their inspiring blog posts and YouTube videos. Take a listen to what they're saying and get excited now about making healthy changes....
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  • Hints for #Transformation Success

    Transformation is an inside job starting with the curation of soul, mind, and lastly, the body. Are you striving for excellence to accomplish transformation excellence, but falling down in your journey? Don't stress it. No one can achieve a perfect transformation. What matters most is you're trying. So stay encouraged. Drew Canole and mastermind of FitLifeTV offers encouragement for your transformation journey. Watch it, encourage yourself, never give up, and keep goi...
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  • Amazing #Transformation Story of 21-Mile Walk to #Work

    #inspiring #transformation #success #story about a #man who possibly #walks 21 #miles to #work as if he's doing a #virtual #marathon #everyday - www.DrewryNewsNetwork.com/register
    Image: MSNBC.com

    The Lord Jesus Christ who is GOD Almighty will bless you abundantly when least expected, when you make healthy changes in your life and do the transformation work going above and beyond in your daily life and inspiring others to be their best and most importantly be of service to others without expectation. There are people throughout the world who abnormally succeed because of their iron will. They do the transformation work out of inspiration or desperation in their hearts, minds, souls, and body. Whether it's training for a 26.2 mile marathon to run on an empty stomach and cross the finish line successfully, going to work on the bus in a snow blizzard or storm, doing good for others when their minds and bodies tell them to do otherwise, or going th...
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  • Changes #Successful #BusinessLeaders Go Through

    Anyone can be a leader. It takes a true leader to inspire people to be their absolute best. True leadership comes from the heart and is seen more than just an average job with a bi-weekly take home paycheck. Ever thought why some people are more successful than others? It's most likely due to dedicated entrepreneurship in going above and beyond in their business endeavors. Entrepreneurs dedicated to being the best by serving others without expectation is ...
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  • Transformation Starts in the Heart and Soul

    #Transformation of the #heart, #soul, #mind, and #body - www.DrewryNewsNetwork.com/forum/health

    When you do the transformation work in your heart and strive to be a Christ like example for change, regardless how many times you fall, get back up and never quit. Transformation will help anyone get it together and convey healthy messages for The Lord Jesus for the purpose of helping others be better and live for GOD. Transformation is a lifeti...
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