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    started a blog post Did #KicksUSA Philly Get HIjacked?
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    Did #KicksUSA Philly Get HIjacked?

    When you visit the website, does it redirect you to another domain name? Kicks USA is a leading sneaker retailer based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the time of this post, site visitors who visit KicksUSA sneaker and sports apparel website are redirected to some strange looking domain. The domain site visitors are redirected to has official Kicks USA logo on it and tells people to be patient online while waiting their turn to shop. Who ever heard of waiting your turn online to shop? Weird, isn't it? When you think you're going t...
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  • Avoid Putting Coins in This Payphone in #Philadelphia

    There's a shiesty pay phone in Germantown Philly. Located at the gas station on the corner of Germantown Avenue and Washington Lane, the pay phone above has a sign saying the opposite of what it does. It was a red square that says "Yes." Yes what? Yes this phone works. Oh really? Not so. On more than one occasion, a person attempted to use that phone to make a local phone call in Philadelphia and put two quarters in the payphone after not hearing a dial tone and taking a chance that hopefully the coin operated phone will work. Unfortunately, not only did the pay phone steal the quarters, but the call was never put through. Why does Sunoco in Germantown allow this phone to remain there when it doesn't work? To allegedly continue stealing people's quarters? {...
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  • #SundayFoodReview: #Lobster All Day at #PanasianPhiladelphia

    #CrabKing -

    There was a time when Panasian buffet, located in Northeast Philadelphia, resorted to serving Lobster on special occasion such as holidays and superbowl. Things changed. Panasian Buffet, located off of Roosevelt Blvd and Adams St nearby,,, and now serves Lobster on weekends. And it’s worth spending the cash to eat as you’ll walk away a happy and full customer. Only thing is, if you really want a nice portion of Lobster on your plate, you ought to keep a sharp eyes on the section where the Lobster plate goes. Why? Some Panasian customers virtually stalk the Lobster plate waiting for the Hibachi server to bring it out, so they can get “first dibs,” and stack as much Lobster as possible on their plate.

    How much? Look forward to paying somewhere in the ballpark of $13.99 per plate. That doesn’t include the cost of drink. Is it worth the money? Absolutely! Not only will you get the best grilled Hibachi food in Philadelphia dining at Panasian, but you’ll also have a variety of tasty desserts to choose from.

    Choices of dessert:
    • Shortcake
    • Sliced Kiwi
    • Sliced oranges
    • Sliced pineapple
    • Grapes
    • Sliced cantaloupe
    • Strawberries

    The list goes on.

    Today’s favorite pics from Panasian buffet North Philly:

    #Welldone #Hibachi #shrimpsteakchicken on deck -
    #HibachiLobster in #ButterandGinger #sauce -
    #Pineapple by #Dole for #dessert -

    Beautiful Hibachi food selections: ...
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  • #PanasianBuffet: Another #RaveReview for Quality Food

    Panasian Buffet Philadelphia earns rave reviews again for great food. Located in North Philly off of Roosevelt Boulevard and Adams Street, Panasian serves quality food.

    Shortlist of Hibachi selections:
    • lo mein
    • King crab
    • seasoned shrimp
    • chicken and broccoli
    • pepper steak
    • London broil
    • beef tips
    • plain fried rice
    • mei fun noodles
    • spareribs
    • mussels
    • oysters
    • steamed fish
    • fried fish
    • fried shrimp
    • egg rolls
    • fried onion rings
    • chicken teriyaki
    • cooked plantain
    • sushi
    • many hibachi steak - grilled orders
    • large shrimp - grilled orders
    • vegetables - grilled orders

    The list goes on. While yesterday wasn't Super Bowl Sunday or Presidents' Day, Panasian served delicious lobster in ginger sauce "people stalked the lobster plate waiting for more to come out of the kitchen."

    Also read: Is World War III coming under Trump?

    Connect on Facebook: Panasian Buffet Philadelphia Up close and personal views of delicious lobster and grilled hibachi steak with shrimp from Panasian buffet North Philadelphia: Live in Philly and never been to Panasian buffet? It may be closer than you think. ...
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  • #KicksUSA #Philadelphia Joins #AffiliateMarketing

    Originating out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kicks USA prides itself on serving the community with quality footwear at affordable prices. Since launching their site and successfully dabbling with potential online only discounts, the company continues to experience enormous financial growth. Kicks USA has physical store locations throughout Philadelphia, Eddystone Pennsylvania, and Holmes Pennsylvania. Just because some people are not located in or near Philly does it mean they can't benefit from also online discounts and great prices from Kicks USA. ...
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  • #Capitalize off of Sleazy #Dating Partners by Thinking Positive and #StartaBusiness

    Have you ever struggled with staying and thinking positive after a breakup? Have you ever been dismissed from a relationship because the one you were temporarily dating was secretly sleeping with their ex? A person can't be a professional corporate events director and sleep with their ex at the same time, thinking they hold positive spiritual and relationship worth. ...
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  • Accused #Murderer of #Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III 'Arraigned'

    If a person kills another, they deserve to meet GOD instantly in judgment. One of the accused murders was arraigned last night in officer Wilson III's handcuffs. Philadelphia Police say ...
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  • #Philadelphia #PoliceOfficer Shot and Killed in #NorthPhilly Inside #GameStop

    NBC Philadelphia reports a cop was shot and killed while a robbery was in progress. He was 30 years old and an 8 year vet of the Philly police force, NBC Philly reports....
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  • Lorenzo's Pizza on South Street in Philly 'Worth Driving for on 4th of July'

    If you were nearby or on South Street in Philadelphia last night, you noticed how packed the street were. People were walking anywhere they pleased. They held up cars virtually from going thru green lights, outnumbering Philadelphia police officers, and enjoying the nightlife. Some folk who wanted to just get a slice or two of pizza from the famous pizza spot known as Lorenzo's pizza on South Str...
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