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  • #BurnBellyFatNow: How Many Ways Can You #LoseBellyFat at Night?

    Everyone gains weight as they get older. It's normal. From doctors, college students, working class 9 to 5 day jobbers, politicians, professional bodybuilders, billionaires, millionaires, you name it. It is a normal process of life. It could be healthy weight gain or hammy weight. Just because you put on weight doesn't mean it's...
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  • Rapper #FatJoe Achieves Honorable #WeightLoss Transformation

    After seeing many of his friends die from obesity and other health related issues, rapper Fat Joe from Bronx, New York decided it's time to make healthy changes in his life. Who would ever think this fried chicken lover would reverse his physique to become healthier and lighter? In the video, ...
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  • 10 Easy Ways to #LoseWeight and Stay on Track With #EatingRight

    #fitness and #weightloss #thoughts for #success - drewrynewsnetwork.com/register

    Eating right is a job in itself. You have to be mindful around the clock of what you put into your body. You have to resist temptation as much as possible on all fronts. Truth is everyone is human and makes mistakes. A good thing about making mistakes is it’s not the end of the world when you make one and also a learning opportunity to discover hidden strengths. When...
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  • Simple Ways to Achieve #BetterHealth in The #NewYear

    The new year presents everyone with opportunities to make all kinds of healthy changes. A chance to lose weight. To work uninterrupted in building and rebuilding your body. A chance to get back on track with healthy eating habits. A chance to mend broken relationships. A chance to RIGHT wrongs. A chance t...
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  • Getting #BackonTrack With #EatingRight

    Everyone makes mistakes in nutrition and exercise. Lessons learned are priceless life experiences engineered to enhance positive character traits. Honesty makes anyone a better person and shows humility. If you make a mistake in your exercise by skipping a day, eat something you shouldn't, do...
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  • #EatingRight to Improve #Health and Maintain Longevity

    Healthy eating and transformation goes beyond an 18 week fitness journey. It's a lifetime journey striving for excellence. Getting organized across the board with maintaining consistent good solid nutrition, cardiovascular activity, exercise, and positive thinking are feasible goals anyone can achieve. When you do the transformation work in your mind and heart of having faith and putting faith i...
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  • #FitlifeTV #Transformation #WeightLoss #SuccessStory - Angela

    Drew Canole of FitlifeTV inspires people from all walks of life with his uplifting health transformation videos. His YouTube channel is flooded with nothing but pure health education. He gives away free tips on how to creatively combine fruit and vegetables to juice in a juicing machine to improve human health. Because he c...
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  • Build a #LeanBody With #HomeExercise

    Working out at home is not boring as some people think. For some, they have the me around other people in order to get excited about staying motivated with exercise and audio. Home exercise allows anyone the privacy of exercising at their own pace and possibly working out half naked. Home workouts also allow you to achieve your...
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  • Build Your Best Body by Investing in a Home Gym

    Your local fitness center is most likely overcharging you for gym membership fees in which you probably don't have access to the fitness center 24 hours a day. Many people don't take into account the excessive amount of gym membership fees they pay their local fitness center over the years. When most people sign up for gym memb...
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