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  • #Instagram and #YouTube: Can You Earn a Full-Time Living?

    You never know until you try.That goes for anything in life. Wishing something would happen isn't good enough. Having faith and not putting it into action is null and void. Dreaming about it is not going to work either. When you have faith about achieving a good thing such as going to church and hopefully being saved by...
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  • YouTube #VideoMarketing is a Must for Success

    The good thing about surfing YouTube is the opportunity to watch virtually any genre video. They can range from helpful tips to overcome computer PC errors, commentary on today's hottest celebrities, travel reviews and everything else. This is a gateway for video marketers in the YouTube partner program to earn revenue from videos uploaded to the channels. Many people today online still overlook the power of streaming online video. When it comes to effect his Internet marketing, putting streaming web video to work for y...
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  • Content and #VideoMarketing Work Hand in Hand

    Most people know in today's age of digital marketing streaming web video alone drives traffic faster than blog posts and webpages. Video alone is responsible for increased affiliate link conversions, increased natural e-mail newsletter subscribers, increased SEO natural backlinks, and more. When content in the forum of a blog post or webpage is combined as new content published to your site, the traffic potential increases. And more. Bottom line: Everyone, whether you own a site or not, needs to put the awesome power of video to work for your online business or affil...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post How to Enjoy An $18k Hotel Room in #SanFrancisco
    in News

    How to Enjoy An $18k Hotel Room in #SanFrancisco

    Inspiration or desperation? This guy is not just enjoying himself in a YouTube video in an $18,000 a night hotel room in San Francisco, California, but having a ball with an RC controlled drone with a GoPro camera strapped to the aircraft. He's earning ...
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  • #Amazon Initiates World War III with #YouTube

    YouTube continues to fight battles on many fronts. Are they ready for a virtual online version of world war 3 defending themselves against Amazon? By far YouTube content platform. Amazon is by far the world’s largest online book retailer and leader in affiliate marketing as a virtually introduced affiliate marketing to the Internet back in...
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  • United States Secret Service Investigates Black Man Who Threatened to Murder #DonaldTrump

    The U.S. Secret Service and the online community are not taking his video message lightly. In fact, his video messages was taken so seriously that secret service agents are now working to track him down by IP address. The feds will be knocking at his door very soon. He's a fool for posting a video sporting guns and thinking no one will share it on social networks. He will find himself in lots of trouble similar to the trouble Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel are in. In his video, he mentions that he doesn't mind "doing the time." Most men that have been to prison gets used to prison culture. And everything else that goes along with it under the table. He can't blame anyone for him getting arrested and thrown in prison but himself. ...
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  • Crazy Black Guy Posts Video to #YouTube Threatening #DonaldTrump and His Family

    The crazy guys has his face 1/2 way covered up in a YouTube video waving guns around. He's in big trouble!
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  • Quality #Content and Steady Web Traffic Equals #PassiveIncome

    Josh Coffy, founder of Flight Media recently released a free downloadable guide for new and experienced online marketers. Whether you’re new or intermediate in the world of Internet marketing, everyone seeks unique...
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  • Can Image Sharing on #Facebook Increase Traffic to #YouTube Videos?

    There's no question Facebook is a multilevel social platform for personal and business purposes. While most folk use Facebook just to keep in touch with family, friends, coworkers, former classmates and ex-loves, most use it not only for business. The online business savvy use it to increase traffic to blogs and websites. Very little do a majority of people know sharing photos on Facebook on a blog or website can and will incr...
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  • Using #YouTube for #VideoMarketing Your Business

    YouTube announced in the past they virtually did away with RSS feeds for user channels. If you're not familiar with what an RSS feed is, it stands for "really simple syndication." It's a programming language used on blogs, published articles on article directories, discussion forums, and websites as a way for site readers to stay updated on new content, as well as a way for savvy publisher to use RSS as a means of content syndication "automated content sharing" to multiple social networking platforms. When it comes to video marketing your online business and reaching new customers without spending money on paid advertisin...
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  • Earning 1 Million #YouTube Channel Subs: Possible?

    He claims to know how to achieve 1 million video subscribers. Do you think he knows what he's talking about? thinks he might be right on the money with the know how of getting one million people to sub your YouTube channel. Take a listen....
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  • 8 More Ways to Increase #GoFundMe Donations

    Not everyone knows how to use a cost-effective means of increasing exposure to their profile. It's emotionally challenging at time convincing strangers to donate money to your profile. You have to make your page compelling by means of well worded text, pictures, and spice it up with engaging video. You want to appeal personal and professional to your target audience. And, you want to extend your reach without resorting to PPC "pay per click online advertising." This post is a continuance from 4 Easy Ways to Increase GoFundMe Donations In the previous post discussing Go Fund Me, 4 interesting ways were introduced to ways of potentially encouraging people to donate to your profile while increasing exposure. You definitely want to consider including the four recommended methods of increasing donations to your profile. Why? Relationships play a huge role online and off-line in the success of anything. The awesome power of streaming online video instantly attracts the human eye faster than articles, blog posts, webpages, and discussion forum threads. Using social networks such as,,,, and to expand reach to your target audience is an absolute must. That is, if you're looking to have your profile taken seriously and increase the probability of having people donate to your profile. Online fundraising is what you make of it. If you remember the story of James Robertson, he was the gentleman from D...
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  • Taking the Backdoor: Automagically Posting #YouTube Videos to #SocialNetworks

    #YouTube #autopost to #socialnetworking #platforms -

    As we all know by now, YouTube unfortunately disabled RSS feeds. If you're unfamiliar with RSS and what it stands for, the definition is "really simple syndication." An RSS feed is nothing more than a URL address with the extension "/RSS.xml." An RSS feed allows a YouTube video content creator, blogger, or Internet marketer to syndicate the video to multiple social networks like,,,, and so on. The good thing about using a YouTube RSS feed to syndicate newly uploaded videos to multiple social networks is getting more views, clicks on Google ads, and more sales "if you include affiliate links in your YouTube video descriptions." As YouTube disabled RSS feeds and directly discouraged people from auto magically sharing their videos on multiple social networks at once, there is a back door for this. Your best bet is to put the following information to work as soon as you finish reading this thread because YouTube and Twitter executives are going to read this and possibly player...
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  • #Forbes Gives Inside View of #YouTube Video Factory

    Say what? has a virtual video factory? How come people haven't been informed about this sooner? Most people know about the corporate YouTube headquarters that once started out above a pizza shop in California. But a separate YouTube video factory?...
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  • #MrPregnant of #NYC is Trying to Clean Up His Act

    This guy is known for wearing underwear and women's bras walking the street of Manhattan in broad daylight in bird's eye view of NYPD. Yeah, that's right. In the eyes of Po-9 in New York City, that's absolutely legal. He's known to do a lot in public with his either digital camera or portable camera in New York. He has a YouTube c...
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