GOD is sitting high and looking low walking every step of the journey along with you. The Lord Jesus is always with you despite countless times fallen.

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Your life has been impacted one way or another. Experiences of your past may inspire you today to make a transformation in everything you're about. Transformation is an inside job because it starts from within. True transformation starts with the cleansing and renewing of your spirit-soul, followed by heart and mind, and last, physique. Staying encouraged to progress in your personal transformation can sometimes feel quite challenging. The good news is that while you're striving for excellence to make healthy gains in your transformation journey.

Today is a day to give thanks unto The Lord thy GOD for everything. Today is a day to evening gives thanks for all the mistakes you've made. It taught you to pray for forgiveness and depend on God's mercy. Giving thanks shows that you are willing to humble yourself before God, and "be the change" for others in the world to see how Christ is working in you. True transformation growth starts when anyone acknowledges God and their shortcomings, in asking The Lord to help them in their transformation journey.

The Lord Jesus knows all about transformation "absolutely every fine detail about it." He knows how to put you back on track to experience more positive transformational growth. Jesus can do more than help you achieve the unimaginable. And if you make a mistake and fall down or can't complete a certain task, Christ will still be in your corner supporting you.

Be encouraged today to continually move forward in your spiritual and physical transformation goals, while giving the Lord Jesus Christ HIS due acknowledgment and thanks for blessing you to be here. Even if you don't get a chance to make it to the house of the LORD, still bend your knees and just say "Lord, I just want to thank you for putting up with my imperfections."

Jesus knows your heart and everything you're going to say to Him before you even think it. Always be honest and genuine when talking to The Lord, because HE already knows. No matter what you're going through, Christ has the solution for challenges you face in helping you accomplish more positive things in your life transformation. Keep your head up and always think positive.