In a previous post on Drewry News, DNN discussed how the Russians allegedly meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. And now, they're allegedly and most likely hacking social media accounts. Have you changed your password lately on your social network account? It might be time to do a "password change refresher," as Russian hackers are quietly and secretly gaining access to some social networking accounts.

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In the recent pas, Russians successfully hacked one of Drewry News' social bookmarking accounts. After a Russian or Russians successfully hacked the password, they placed affiliate links to third party shopping sites in hopes of using one of DNN's social bookmarking accounts to hopefully have someone click the affiliate link and make a purchase. This way, the Russian hacker would potentially make money from DNN's social bookmarking account. The password has been changed.

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Russia continues to be a trending topic on the web. Did you know they're earning billions of dollars off of the U.S.? How so? They have gas stations possibly throughout the United States of America. This means billions in revenue for the Russian government. If they're earning money hand over fist from the U.S., they why would they want to hack America? Is this a politicial move out of spite, or?