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Business and lifestyle blogger Necole, formerly know as Necole****** dot com, is now known as XONecole.com. Necole started out as a struggling blogger who earned her way to blogging fame and possibly earning millions of dollars from advertisements and partnerships through her blog. Necole, who is highly intelligent and ambitious, blogs on trending topics such as relationships, business, entrepreneurship and starting from the bottom, employment, and more. But now it seems as if her blog XONecole is terribly failing. What's happening here?

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Necole has some explaining to do on her blog about why her million dollar venture is now failing. According to Alexa.com, her site now plummeted to an all time low " at the time of this post" in the United States to 110,519 (as of July 12, 2017) for XONecole dot com. She has amazing content and well written. Are people leaving her blogging staff for whatever reason and refuse to write more content for her formerly successful business blog? Necole ... what's causing you to look like a "blogging stock flop?" You need to get on YouTube.com and do some explaining!