If Ouija boards didn't work, why are they still talking about a piece of wood board and a plastic planchette that came into existence in the late 1800's? This device of contacting the spirit world is not a toy. Without going in depth about the inception and crafting of the Ouija board crafted by Charles Kennard, William Fuld, and Elijah Bond, Ouija, dubbed the "yes yes board," has a purpose of making contact with the spirit world.

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Why would anyone want to contact a spirit that is not good on the other side? Especially, a spirit that is not good that you can't see? If Ouija and paranormal activity wasn't real, why are people across the world still using this device classified as a device of releasing negative spirits into your home?

Just because you can't see doesn't mean spirits aren't around you.

Truth: The human naked eye is scaled from seeing spirits.