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#MovingForward: Knowing When to Cut Some #People off in #Business and #StayHumble

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  • #MovingForward: Knowing When to Cut Some #People off in #Business and #StayHumble


    is against "divorce and remarriage." It's "null and void." The Bible clearly speaks out against divorcing your spouse and marrying someone else while your 1st spouse is still living. The young lady in this video mentioned she's divorced. That is ok by the law of the land among people, but has not a leg to stand on before the creator of the universe.

    Have you ever been in business for yourself and made a small pact with someone in your line of work only to find out later when things didn't go your partner's way concerning you, they start to indirectly and subliminally call you names? Successful entrepreneurs been down this road before and know what to look out for.

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    Stay tuned for a near future post discussing this topic.