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Attending #CJU Meetups Are Quite Fun in #SantaBarbaraCalifornia

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  • Attending #CJU Meetups Are Quite Fun in #SantaBarbaraCalifornia

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    Commission Junction made it's presence felt in the affiliate marketing industry since 1998. Based outof Santa Barbara, California, CJ is virtually the largest affiliate marketing online network in the world. Their goal is to keeps advertisers and affiliate marketers connected, while helping affiliated publishers make money online from their home or anywhere in the world, by way of a computer and internet connection.

    CJU - Commission Junction University conducts their annual online marketing meetup in Santa Barbara.

    Location of CJ Affiliate by Conversant:

    530 East Montecito St.
    Santa Barbara, CA 93103
    United States
    Tel: 800-761-1072
    Fax: 805-730-8001

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    For affiliate marketers and new affiliates learning about the affiliate marketing industry, attending CJU event are exciting.

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    Attending an event at CJU in Santa Barbara helps new affiliate marketers understand how they can make money online from home, and supplement their current daytime employment income. Of course, there is a fee to attend CJU in Santa Barbara, but is surely worth spending every last dime, dollar and cent on registering for a CJU event, Drewry recommends.

    Some of the world's biggest companies are now incorporating an affiliate program structure in their online marketing strategies. For you, the affiliate, that means opportunity to earn healthy affiliate commissions from your computer. Always know "creativity fuels profitability."