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  • #Netseer Allows Publishers to Diversify #AffiliateIncome

    Image: (Netseer: LinkedIn)

    Making money in affiliate marketing is possible for anyone who believes and starts humbly from scratch. No college degree required. No need to get dressed up for a job interview. No need to share references nor explain gaps in employment. No need to disclose how much money you made off of your previous job or part-time job. No personal questions asked. This is the beauty of affiliate marketing because it’s a commission-based industry that has no sales quota nor anyone standing over your shoulder pressuring you to earn X amount of sales in a period of time. Affiliate marketing is affiliate marketing. You earn money promoting your affiliate links or contextual advertisements on your blog or website when someone clicks an ad or clicks a banner ad and makes a purchase. What you get out of affiliate marketing is what you put into it. Now’s the time to consider starting a blog or website if you’ve been procrastinating or putting it off because you’ve been busy either looking for work or putting in extra hours per day job or taking college classes. It’s never too late to get started as long as you have a willing mindset to commit to making affiliate marketing work for you because this industry is 100% commission based with no healthcare and no pension benefits. That said, affiliate marketing can potentially make you an Internet millionaire if you put faith into action and strategize creatively in standing out from average online marketers. Don’t look at your current situation; look at where you can potentially be with your online business five years after inception.

    Monetizing Your Site Partnering With Netseer

    Some affiliate marketers have yet to discover more income streams through discovery of more affiliate networks. allows affiliate marketers and bloggers who own blogs and websites to monetize their image inventory. For site owners with rich images embedded in blog posts and webpages, this is the perfect opportunity for you to create a secure and stable stream of diversified affiliate income. Netseer affiliate network allows affiliates to register as publishers and monetize their image inventory with relevant advertisements. Once approved as a publisher, you can install a small snippet of JavaScript code into the HTML template of your site. There’s nothing else to do once the JavaScript code is embedded in the HTML template section.

    Simply continue your content marketing journey by creating rich content for your blog or website and always have in mind to include engaging images in the header and center of your content. The more images you include on your blog posts and webpages the more image ads from Netseer will appear. You simply earn money when people click on the ads that appear in the footer of your images. The Netseer publisher program is similar to earning revenue from Google AdSense when people click the ads. No selling involved to earn a commission. People simply click ads and that’s it. If you own a blog or website discussing an interesting topic such as vintage sneakers, sports, where to find free money for college online, or weight loss, this affiliate revenue earning opportunity will end up being good money for you long-term. And easy money too.

    In-Image, In-Slide, In-View, and Concept Links

    In image ads are advertisements appearing at the footer of every image on your site. You have the option as a publisher to decide where you would like ads to appear. In image ads are great to have in the footer of every photo on your site because the advert is front and center before the readers eyes and entices them to click the add to learn more. Another great thing about the in image ads being in the footer is that it doesn’t clutter up your site. It’s a win-win for publishers and keeps your site looking clean. Site readers have the option to click a small x located in the upper flush right corner of the in the image banner advert to minimize the ad if they don’t want to see it.

    In-slide ads act as a somewhat similar to in image ads. The beauty of inns slide ads is they appear at the header of the article and have 300 x 250 size digital adverts. Readers are able to scroll through six different banner ads to view offers from multiple advertisers. This entices increase CTR “click through rate,” resulting in significant ad revenue increases for the site owner. The key to success for increasing CTR is not having too many adverts from different advertisers on the site because it makes the site owner look somewhat thirsty to make money. It’s okay to have two or three different adverts per page but you don’t want to clutter up an entire site by going overboard with too many ads because people will feel annoyed and immediately leave before reading your content even if your writing is worth viewing.

    In-view ads are unique. They add value to your site because it appears at the footer of every page and not directly inserted within every published page. A good thing about in view ads is that it can possibly show up on the homepage of your blog or website and quietly entice a click or two. If you’re concerned about targeting certain ads and making those they have the relevant to the topic of your site, then having in view ads will be ideal for creating a multiple stream of income from contextual advertising. It will add value not only in a sense of helping you to earn more money as a publisher, but also add value to the site reader in hopes of offering them a product or service she or he potentially needs in the moment. And if you’re really concerned about keeping your site clean and minimizing the number of ads on it, in view ads will complete your blog or website not making it look too busy.

    Concept Links look somewhat similar to the Google AdSense related links or related ads. They have the look and feel of AdSense. Only thing is the ads are served by Netseer. Some Google AdSense publishers use Netseer to add image ads in their photos and successfully diversify contextual advertising monthly income. Current AdSense publishers may want to consistently read their terms of service to ensure the Google AdSense contextual advertising program doesn’t change the rules overnight to ensure AdSense publishers who use Netseer on blogs and websites stay compliant. Lastly, a beautiful thing to know about this affiliate network is the ads are not only friendly for desktop users, but also compatible with people who own tablets and mobile phones. The mobile ad market continues to provide steady stable income for publishers blogs and websites are monetized for mobile phones. If your site is not yet monetized for mobile users now’s the time to make those healthy business changes so you can increase your affiliate income potential.

    Netseer Cares About Helping You Succeed

    Netseer is an above average standalone company who’s quoted as taking a “concept-based approach to ad targeting for advertisers and publishers (” They have proprietary technology to cater to target audiences. Their ads are rated G and consists of a unique combination of image and video. They go the extra mile to “monetize the heck out of your content (” That means it’s time for you to get on board as a publisher and unleash your full online revenue earning potential as a dedicated blogger and Internet marketer.

    Good money is possible for you to earn from affiliate marketing and content creation even if you’re new to this line of work. Does it matter what happened in your past. This is your opportunity to make things right and improve the quality of your life. There is no guarantees in this line of work which is why you have to operate a at full strength and press on on days you don’t earn one red cent from affiliate marketing. There’s countless Internet marketing companies offering unique opportunities to the newbie and experienced affiliate marketers and bloggers. It’s your responsibility to take the first action step and put faith into work by getting started even if you don’t know what you’re doing in the beginning. It’s best to move forward and make tons of mistakes along the way rather than just having the information and doing absolutely nothing. This industry of earning money online from affiliate programs whether it’s commission-based or contextual advertising is not for procrastinators. If you really want to earn good money now’s the time to put you money when you mouth is and show people who doubt you who has the entrepreneurial muscle for the hustle and do the transformation business work.

    Now that you have this information about potentially earning good money as a publisher from Netseer, are you going to register now as a publisher or continue grandfathering in procrastination? The ball is in your court. Register here (not an affiliate link)