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#SideHustleMillionaire: Get in the #TerminatedtoMillionaire Mindset and Get Serious About #AffiliateMarketing Now by #Partnering With #CJAffiliate by #Conversant

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Get in the #TerminatedtoMillionaire Mindset and Get Serious About #AffiliateMarketing Now by #Partnering With #CJAffiliate by #Conversant

    #sidehustle #bloggers & #internetmarketers can become a #sidehustlemillionaire by getting #serious #today about #running an #onlinebusiness & make a #business #transformation out of #inspiration

    Making it big in affiliate marketing takes time. You first have to know what the topic of your blog or website is going to be. Then, develop a consistent mindset to create quality written and informative content so you can effectively target and retain your audience in longevity. Then comes the challenging part. Joining the right affiliate network or networks as a publisher after performing your research and partner with well established advertisers who have a consistent track record of monthly affiliate payouts.

    Approved publishers of known as CJ affiliate by Conversant formerly Commission Junction have the grand ability to select quality brand name publishers to work with who pay their affiliates handsome commissions. The beauty of Commission Junction is having the opportunity to select financially healthy advertisers in almost every niche that easily matching the topic of your blog or website.Register here as a new publisher of CJ to take advantage of award-winning and financially healthy affiliate programs.

    'Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing Without Experience'

    Whether you're experienced in online marketing or not, just know you can and will excel in affiliate marketing not only without prior experience, but also prosper without previous day job references or a college degree. You see, this line of work is not only free will and voluntarily, but it's also a test of your inner will to prosper as an entrepreneur on the World Wide Web. Affiliate marketing can work for anyone who puts their mind to it. This is not a get rich quick overnight operation as you'll discover this line of work known as affiliate marketing requires lots of patience. Getting started in affiliate marketing is possible at any age and only requires creativity, your determination to prosper, and a steadfast mind in building and sustaining quality online working relationships with bloggers-website owners, additionally to your target consumer audience. If you feel you have the mental muscle for the business hustle to endure the test of time by getting started now in affiliate marketing, continue reading. And most importantly, if you're looking to start a blog or website and focus on affiliate marketing as a side hustle in hopes of transforming it to a full-time online business in hopes of overcoming your day job and your employer, you really need to continue reading.

    The purpose of you getting serious and investing your creativity and effort in affiliate marketing is to not only create quality content for your blog or website and establish positive relationships between site owner and site reader, but also establish positive relationships in longevity with brand name high-paying advertisers to partner with. Your blog or website is finally starting to gain traction in the search engines and social networks and turning site visitors into repeat customers. That's a good thing. And besides, that's the entire point of having a blog or website and making money in affiliate marketing, right? It's crucial to the success of your site that you partner with not only the right advertisers who are paying big bucks in affiliate commissions, but also partnering with reputable advertisers. When you have high quality content on your blog or website and partner with brand-name reputable advertisers that have a consistent track record of sales, business to customer relationships, and a positive track record of moving product, that's the advertiser you definitely want to do business with.

    The following advertisers below on the Commission Junction affiliate network are some of many reputable advertisers you may want to consider joining their online marketing program as an affiliate: - Bowflex is an extremely solid affiliate program on the CJ affiliate by conversant affiliate network. CJ started in 1998 and Bowflex joined CJ as an advertiser in 2005. They not only enjoy continued success with the CJ affiliate by conversant network for the past 11 years in increasing their sales of fitness related products through affiliate marketers who opted into the Bowflex affiliate program on CJ, but enjoy paying out big commissions to Bowflex affiliates on through This affiliate program is a huge opportunity for health related bloggers and website owners currently experiencing high traffic from search engines, social networks, Bowflex pays a starting healthy affiliate commission of 7% per sale. They allege in the affiliate program description the customer possibly spends on average about $2000 per sale with them.

    They have an extensive product catalog for bloggers and website owners to add to their sites as a helpful avenue of potentially bringing in more Bowflex sales. Their attractive banner ads convert quite well on any site with high traffic. They have ad formats in virtually every size. Bowflex is not only a brand-name advertiser who spends millions of dollars on television campaigns as mentioned in the affiliate program description, but they also have private commission structures available for affiliates who aggressively bring in sales. If you're really into selling and a person that goes all out to legitimately bring in sales to partnered advertisers, you'll w ant to consider joining this affiliate program and having a private discussion with the Bowflex affiliate manager about your customized affiliate commission structure. - Allstate sponsors a very successful affiliate program on the CJ affiliate by conversant network. Yes, this is the Allstate car insurance company. Allstate has been in business virtually forever and continues to show strong growth in providing quality car insurance for Americans. As an affiliate of the Allstate car insurance affiliate program, you'll have a blog or website tailored in the niche of virtually everything related to cars and continually create meaningful content about everything related to cars with Allstate advertisements appearing in the header, sidebar, footer, or indentation of the first paragraph of every new blog post. Bloggers who have car review blogs and make it their business to make money by going out to different car dealerships and cash driving new cars Affiliates and bloggers will find the Allstate affiliate program quite lucrative. Allstate has been on CJ affiliate by conversant formerly known as Commission Junction since September 16, 2008.

    A positive trait about joining Allstate as an affiliate is having your affiliate link place a 30 day cookie on a computer once a site visitor clicks the ad. This is good for business because most customers don't make a buying decision in the moment unless it's a pair of sneakers or perhaps clothing. So this means if they purchase insurance of any type from Allstate in the next 15 days without clearing cookies on their computer, you earn an Allstate affiliate commission. As an Allstate affiliate, you also earn between $3-$10 from your affiliate link for every lead you send to them for car insurance quotes. That's pretty cool, isn't it? You earn six dollars per lead for every person who inquires about Allstate motorcycle insurance and $3-$6 per lead for those who inquire about rental insurance. The money adds up over time if you continue creating quality content relevant to cars and real estate on your blog or website and run affiliated advertisements on your site from Allstate insurance. This is one affiliate program you don't want to overlook because they're a well-established organization. Contact Emily Lauer @ for more information about the Allstate affiliate program. by - Believe it or not, Bing by Microsoft now has an affiliate program on the Commission Junction affiliate network. They've been on the CJ network since November 4, 2010. Basically, promote Bing by Microsoft ads on your blog or website and encourage businesses to adhere to those adverts by signing up as a new business with Microsoft to run paid advertising services with Bing. As an affiliate of Microsoft on CJ, you'll earn a hearty $15 flat per advertiser activation on Microsoft. The Microsoft affiliate program is global, so it doesn't matter if you're not in the United States. You can still join as an affiliate of the CJ affiliate network if you're anywhere outside the US. Like AdWords by Google, Microsoft works closely with businesses to help them improve ROI of their advertising spend. They care about their customers and work closely with them to select the right keywords and write effective ad copy. Joining Microsoft on CJ affiliate by conversant as an affiliate of the Bing ads program and credibility to your blog or website making you look good as a publisher and increases your online credibility, improving the likelihood of people purchasing from your site times over. This is another affiliate program not to be ignored. - Yep. Bloomberg Businessweek magazine is on the CJ affiliate by Conversant network. Who doesn't know Bloomberg? Michael Rubens Bloomberg started his financial information service back in 1981 shortly after he was dismissed and given a pink slip by Salomon Brothers back in 1979. He hopped in a New York City cab with a $10 million check and 1 financial terminal and went to to discuss a deal that helped him start his company. Because of his long term vision where he saw himself later down the road, Mike Bloomberg worked hard to get where he is today. Because of his determination and business leadership, not only is he the former mayor of New York City and a billionaire who has more money than Donald Trump, but he's also involved in affiliate marketing and philanthropy. Joining the Bloomberg BusinessWeek affiliate program on puts you in the driver's seat to earn good money.

    If you're a financial blogger or a website owner or content creator who discusses all things related to money, the Bloomberg BusinessWeek affiliate program is an ideal fit for you. Joining Bloomberg BusinessWeek on Commission Junction as a publisher entitles you to a starting Hardy affiliate commission of earning 25% from Bloomberg magazine sales. People of all ages from all walks of life watch Bloomberg television, read Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazines, and to into the Bloomberg website. His name is globally respected as a financial leader. Another great thing about affiliating with Bloomberg BusinessWeek on CJ affiliate by conversant marketing network is earning holiday and performance bonuses. If you're regularly closing sales for Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazines on your blog or website, you can contact the affiliate manager Ashley Hill at Don't overlook this golden opportunity to earn good money as a Bloomberg affiliate. - Are you doing a fitness transformation and want others to be inspired just like you to make healthy changes? Beach body has a beautiful affiliate program on the CJ affiliate network everyone can join. Beachbody is an online transformation community inspiring you to make healthy changes in your life through exercise, cardio, and healthy nutritional habits. Tori Styles and Ray Khooda are the CJ affiliate by conversant affiliate managers. This affiliate program is well-established on the commission Junction affiliate network since November 30, 2009.affiliates of the beachbody affiliate program start out with a generous 10% commission structure. Beach body is also the makers of the P90X fitness system. You can earn easy money as a Beachbody affiliate just by promoting affiliate links on social networks like,,,,, and promote their affiliate links in PDF files and articles for greater reach to your target audience. Learn more about the Beach body affiliate program on CJ affiliate by conversant publisher network by contacting Tori Stiles & Ray Khooda -, - This is a beautiful weight loss food affiliate program on the CJ affiliate by conversant marketing network. And this is also an easy affiliate program to promote to your target audience on blogs and websites and social networks. It's a subscription-based meal program where people have healthy food delivered to their doorstep tailored to their weight loss needs. Just like other weight loss food programs, Cooking Light Diet personally caters to customers and their weight loss goals by conducting personal online interviews. They cater to Canada and the United States, based on the affiliate program information posted on This company joined the CJ online marketing network December 31, 2015. They pay a healthy starting affiliate commission of 20% to affiliates. This is extreme motivation for health conscious bloggers and website owners to earn good affiliate commissions while making your personal healthy changes. It's an easy sell to your target audience because you could be doing your own fitness transformation using this product as an affiliate and a customer and show your target audience how well it's working for you. That alone will put good affiliate money in your pocket when you blog or post web pages showing people your face and your fitness transformation progress with Cooking Light Diet. So if you look at the bigger picture about this affiliate program, not only can you earn good money and lose weight as an affiliate, but you'll also find yourself staying on track with your personal health transformation making money from cooking light diet affiliate program and keeping your weight down year-round. It's a win-win for you!

    'Get Serious Now About Affiliate Marketing'

    So there you have it. Those are just a few of thousands of reputable affiliate programs to promote on If you really want to make money in affiliate marketing, you have to get in a serious mindset of considering this line of work as a full-time living and not just a side hustle. You can start out in affiliate marketing as a hobby and slowly work toward achieving your long-term affiliate commission goals. But you have to stay persistent in creating rich content for your blog or website daily or every other day for at least 2 to 3 years before seeing serious money from affiliate programs. That is, if you're a one-person operation. If you have two, three, or four people working on your blog at once creating rich content and Evergreen content, you can experience affiliate marketing success from your site in a shorter time span. But everyone's mind must be on one accord when it comes to this line of work.

    There's too much money to be made online and no time for frolicking or wishing upon a star that you were an affiliate marketing millionaire. Make it happen now by getting started and learning along the way. You'll make mistakes in this line of work. Don't look at how long it takes for things to come into fruition. Make your mistakes, learn from them, get up, and keep going. Most importantly, get in the consistent mindset of creating rich content for your target audience and take time to personally interact site readers. While they may not buy from your affiliate link in the moment, they'll consider you in the near future just because you took the time to converse with them. Affiliate marketing is for those who refuse to give up. If you're unhappy on your day job and looking for a pay raise, make your own hours, and work in your leisure without pressure of meeting monthly sales quotas and never have to worry about allegedly being robbed of commissions by your employer, affiliate marketing is your ideal side hustle. It'll make you a "side hustle millionaire," if you do the transformation work out of inspiration or desperation and stay on track with your spiritual, mental and physical health. Quitters never win and winners never quit.