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#Amazon Initiates World War III with #YouTube

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  • #Amazon Initiates World War III with #YouTube

    YouTube continues to fight battles on many fronts. Are they ready for a virtual online version of world war 3 defending themselves against Amazon? By far YouTube content platform. Amazon is by far the world’s largest online book retailer and leader in affiliate marketing as a virtually introduced affiliate marketing to the Internet back in 1995. Today, Amazon challenges YouTube by launching their own video content sharing service and a revenue-based model for video publishers similar to the YouTube partner program. This new Amazon video sharing service looks promising for video publishers looking to diversify video revenue potential as it creates another multiple stream of income.

    Amazon will potentially succeed in waging war with YouTube for a number of reasons. First, Amazon may possibly win over scores of video content publishers from YouTube and elsewhere across the web due to a potentially higher video publisher CPC payout. In other words, Amazon may introduce a video revenue sharing model whereas they pay more money would people click on the ads inside of Amazon videos versus the money video publishers earn when uploading videos to YouTube. That alone can cause a potentially significant drop in YouTube’s ad revenue and put a dent in their current rank as the world’s number one video content sharing platform. Second, Amazon may possibly succeed putting a debt in YouTube ad revenue due to potentially recruiting video publishers who were excluded from the YouTube partner program.

    When YouTube dismisses video publishers from their content program without taking their appeals into consideration and disregarding forgiveness, this puts companies in positions to offer new opportunities to dismissed publishers and capitalizing on YouTube’s unforgiveness, shaming YouTube possibly to the point of putting dismissed publishers in the spotlight with displaying their new video ad earnings and testimonials how you two would not give them a second chance and how they’re earning more money with a new video content sharing company such as Amazon. YouTube’s unforgiveness can possibly cause a drop in their stock price as Amazon may gain leverage in the near future of earning good money from dismissed YouTube video content publishers.

    YouTube will certainly have a fight on their hands in the near future from Amazon.