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#Tictail Lets You Start a Free Online Shop to Sell Anything

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  • #Tictail Lets You Start a Free Online Shop to Sell Anything

    Maybe you’re one of those folk who buys things from Goodwill or consignment shops and resell for profit. Or possibly looking to get rid of some old stuff around your apartment or house and don’t want to sell on eBay and pay seller fees. Or you’re a college student looking to sell your textbooks online because selling them to your local college textbook buyback store doesn’t give you enough money for them. Whatever it is, you can now create a free store online in a matter of minutes and post your stuff free of charge? Really? Yup...really. Free goes a long way in the world of online business.

    Tictail is one of few websites that allow new and experienced online marketers to start a free store. After registering with them and creating a name for your free online store, you can customize the look and feel of your online storefront. A free online store works well for people just getting into internet marketing and provides a way for people to gain valuable online marketing experience without shelling out a dime for a domain name and web hosting without obligation. Creating a free storefront also works well with people in MLM “multi level marketing” who rely on their mlm revenues through physically selling product online and offline to their clientele. Storefront owners on Tictail will possibly have the ability to integrate online shopping carts and PayPal into their stores making it simple to accept payments from buyers.

    As you have the option of creating a free store, there’s also a premium plan.with the premium plan, you can integrate a URL address into your store and have advanced features such as analytical reporting and live currency conversion.

    If you’re looking for a way to get started online for free and experiment with how selling stuff online good money in your pocket, check out and register for a free account.