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#BloggingTransformation: Humble Beginnings to Earning Millions is Possible

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  • #BloggingTransformation: Humble Beginnings to Earning Millions is Possible

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    Content is king. It always will be on the world wide web. Search engines wouldn’t thrive without it. Blogs, discussion forums, and websites are the virtual life and blood of search engines earning PPC “pay per click” ad revenues when they sell contextual based adverts alongside organic search engine results. This is golden opportunity and open season for inexperienced and experienced bloggers to blog away to their heart’s content with the intent on increasing affiliate commission potential from selling ad space and having affiliated advertisements on self-hosted blogs. In the world of blogging-content marketing, nothing is more inspiring than to see a new blogger start a blog from scratch, build up the blog with lots and lots of quality content, and in just a few years time, transform that blog into a cash cow and smiling all the way to the bank with bigger numbers and more 0’s in their affiliate commission checks.

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    Content Creation by Visionary Bloggers

    Blogs should be created with the intent to deliver quality information to readers. Blogging is a freelance job performed daily by visionary entrepreneurs with the possible intent on delivering quality information and reaching their target audience with the whole of generating revenue. Today’s millionaire bloggers started out small potatoes like everyday people hoping to start a business with no start up money or on a shoestring budget. Today’s millionaire bloggers created successful niche blogs with a long-term vision for success. They created content from their original ideas and thoughts rambling in the back of their minds possibly without thinking of earning one dime from their blog in their humble beginnings. Visionary bloggers start their blogging in ventures with the intent to naturally build up blog traffic potential with the whole of steadily retaining readers coming from search engines and social networks.

    Freelance blogging is something you have to want to do a free will because no one will stand over your shoulder and tell you it’s time to blog today. When visionary bloggers put thought of making money mentally on the back burner and strive to create and publish quality content for their readers to enjoy reading, they end up earning more money than originally intended in the long run. This is why it’s important to have a long-term vision for blogging success and focus primarily on creating lots and lots of quality content to empower your target audience so they keep coming back for future blog posts.

    Blogging Becomes Easier Over Time

    Does blogging get easier as time goes by? Absolutely. As you get your feet wet in the world of blogging and your mind gets used to creating content everyday or every other day, your fingers tend to feel less tension from typing on the keyboard. How so? If you own a headset with a microphone, all you have to do is use Google Docs to create content using the awesome power of your voice. Getting started is easy. Simply plug the headset into your desktop computer or laptop, log into Google docs with your e-mail address, pull up a new blank document, click the “tools” tab located in the upper top section of your computer screen, select “voice typing.” You’re using the Google docs speech recognition program for free now to make the job of creating content for your blog a piece of cake. Speech recognition allows bloggers to free up their fingers from manually typing on the keyboard and helps to avoid getting what’s called carpel Connell syndrome. Carpel tunnel syndrome comes from excessive typing on your keyboard whether in freelance blogging or for your day job. When carpel tunnel syndrome builds up in your fingers, it’s a wise practice even before it starts to occur to supplement your diet with a quality multi-vitamin or Glucosamine Sulfate to lubricate your joints.

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    Blogging becomes easier over time because it’s something you don’t look at as work. When you’re doing something you’re passionate about and your love for it grows, you tend to do it in the middle of the night even when you know you don’t have to do. This is the perfect line of work for people looking to start their own business on a shoestring budget or without a budget because you’re creating a business and putting yourself in a position to make money from advertisements on your blog only by way of using your mind to think of something creative to publish and your voice to watch the words appear on your computer screen. Your mind and voice is now a money making business on the World Wide Web and that alone should make the job of blogging easier for you and achieving the daily goal of publishing quality content to your blog so your readers keep coming back for more.

    Niche Blogging

    Whatever you have extensive knowledge of should be the niche topic of your business blog. Another words, if you’re an expert in preparing gourmet meals, you probably wouldn’t blog about your personal feelings of US politics. You would most likely create a niche blog centered around the topic of “gourmet meal preparation restaurant style,” and creates engaging blog posts either daily or every other day not just in the form of text, but text combined with image and possibly video.

    Niche blogging helps bloggers stay one step ahead in having something meaningful to publish to their blogs so they keep their readers interests at heart and earn money from food related affiliate advertisements on their blog. Niche blogging is good because you’re offering quality information with related products and services suite target audience that’ll never get tired of what you’re serving on your blog.

    Blog Post Ideas

    There’s days when bloggers get something that’s called writer’s block. It happens to everyone. Dedicated writers sometimes go for days and months with a blank mind. This is perfectly normal because it gives bloggers inspiration to regroup on their current train of thought. This is also perfectly normal because if you’re dedicated to blogging regardless if you’re making money or not, it’ll stay on track with your content marketing goals and empowering your readers through informative blog posts. Coming up with creative blog posts ideas will also keep you on track for making money and getting your blog off the ground from humble beginnings and putting you in a future position to possibly be a blogging millionaire.

    Content marketing is here to stay and always know as long as you create and publish fresh content to your blog daily you increase the potential to make more money from affiliate programs which will put you one step closer to potential being being a blogging millionaire. If you have to possibly go off-topic once in a blue moon on your niche blog to keep your blog content fresh, you could always newsjack a story and link to the original blog post or news article you commented on any blog post so that show your readers you know what you’re talking about while expressing your opinion-view on whatever you choose to publish a blog commentary about.

    'Good Money'

    Sadly, doubters still believe good money can be earned from blogging. They may possibly have friends who are dedicated bloggers and Internet marketers that are trying to show them the way to transform their lives into tensely making money online full-time but refuse to believe. Good money from Internet marketing is possible for anyone despite their past or current situation.

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    Good money from blogging put many bloggers in the financial front seat to be full-time Internet millionaires today started from humble beginnings and retained a long-term vision toward earning millions. John Chow, Zac Johnson, and Shawn Collins - co-founder of Affiliate Summit all started from humble beginnings. While Shawn Collins didn’t start out from humble beginnings as a blogger working his way up to being a blogging millionaire, Chow and Johnson did start out as struggling bloggers. They virtually earned pennies on the dollar when they got into blogging and applying themselves wholeheartedly to making money full-time with Internet marketing. They retained a long-term vision for “good money,” and Going on days when they didn’t earn one dime. They continued to create “lots and lots of content” for their blogs faithfully. Look at where they are today. They’ve achieved more than they hope for beyond earning “good money.”

    What To Do When You Earn Good Money From Blogging

    You should develop the positive mindset and habit now of setting aside 10% of your monthly blogging profits toward tightening to your church. The Lord should be first on your mind in giving thanks when your monthly blogging profits come in and make it in immediate priority to render unto HIM what’s due. The Bible has scripture discussing the importance of tithing. If you want to stay blessed with earning “good money from blogging,” tithe consistently to your church so you can be blessed with more money. When you do your part consistently, GOD

    will reward you with more because HE sees your sincere effort.

    Stop The Procrastination

    Procrastination is for the “what if,” “what could have been,” and “I’m going to wait until things are right in my life” kind of people. Procrastinators will never secure success in business or anything in life until they changed their train of thought. Everyone procrastinated before in their lives.

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    Procrastination should be a lesson learned and a silent motivator to transform procrastination into business inspiration and believe you can start a blog from humble beginnings and potentially become a millionaire from blogging in as little as possibly five years time. Success will be delayed years to come if you’re one of those people that dream about getting started and do absolutely nothing.

    'Mental Business Muscle'

    Anyone can be a blogging millionaire if they have an open mindset and willing to adapt to change. What are you willing to give up in order to succeed? Are you willing to give up working overtime for your employer was probably earning money hand over fist from your extensive labor without giving you a raise or overtime pay? Are you willing to give up hanging out with your friends on Friday nights and weekends at bars and clubs to stay at home and be alone and sometimes be a hermit and work in your bedroom or small office and create quality content for your blog? Are you willing to work on the road from your car on your laptop as a dedicated blogger and give up extra freedom to do as you please? Just how bad do you desire to succeed in blogging and possibly becoming a blogging millionaire? Are you willing to struggle thick and thin and go the extra mile where others are not willing to go in order to retain that long-term vision of earning millions in blogging and being financially secure?

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    Are you willing to let fake friends go and ignore them as if you never knew them despite knowing some of them 20 years or possibly growing up with them his childhood friends? These are things to think about because making money online full-time is possible for you. And when those millions start coming in, it’s guaranteed people will switch up on you. Are you willing to go the extra mile after people switch up for and show you a side of them you never knew? The success of business blogging is what you make of it. Let this post marinate in your mind because is going to bring some feelings and thoughts out of you and truly test you to see what you’re made of as an aspiring entrepreneur.

    And now...it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and show the world who has the business muscle for the hustle.

    Inspiring saying for aspiring bloggers by DrewryNewsNetwork: Bloggers and internet marketers are silent rockstars because we’re just as big as U.S. politicians.

    Are you listening?