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Content and #VideoMarketing Work Hand in Hand

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  • Content and #VideoMarketing Work Hand in Hand

    Most people know in today's age of digital marketing streaming web video alone drives traffic faster than blog posts and webpages. Video alone is responsible for increased affiliate link conversions, increased natural e-mail newsletter subscribers, increased SEO natural backlinks, and more. When content in the forum of a blog post or webpage is combined as new content published to your site, the traffic potential increases. And more.

    Bottom line: Everyone, whether you own a site or not, needs to put the awesome power of video to work for your online business or affiliate promotions. It's free to get started with a YouTube video channel. The only investment needed is your mind to create lots and lots of content. Content in the form of video plus a naturally written YouTube video description.

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    A good thing about YouTube is once you're approved as a YouTube partner, you can schedule YouTube videos to publish any specific date. The goodness of a YouTube uploaded and scheduled to publish on a specific date is having the ability to keep video content fresh and regularly posted to your YouTube channel. This feature is only available for YouTube partners. But don't let that stop you from creating and publishing lots and lots of content to your blog or website and combining the power of video to your pages so you experience the positive result of slowly gaining traction in search engines and social networks from increased organic traffic.