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#BelieveandSucceed: Improve #ContentMarketing With These Helpful Resources

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  • #BelieveandSucceed: Improve #ContentMarketing With These Helpful Resources

    #effective #contentmarketing for #freetraffic -

    Fast fact: One of the most daunting tasks starting out or being an intermediate in internet marketing is creating long-form content to drive passive amounts of free traffic from search engines and social networks. In fact, some bloggers and internet marketers will easily become disappointed over the fact that their blogging and content marketing endeavors are not coming into fruition instantly. To succeed in this line of work requires you to get organized and stay the course in staying focused with a business vision.

    Are you struggling to get traffic from corners of the world wide web? You might be struggling for a few reasons.

    Possible reasons why you're not getting enough free traffic to your site:
    • Not writing enough long form content daily or every other day for your blog or website
    • Not creating and uploading videos with links in your video pointing back to your site from
    • Not sharing on,,,, &
    • Not using WordPress and scheduling posts to post while unattended from your desktop PC or laptop
    • Not using article marketing as a means or free promotion
    • Not using press release marketing such as,, or to generate instant buzz

    The following below is one of many helpful resources to help you generate creative ideas for your content marketing journey to internet marketing greatness -

    Looking for useful content tools to help you amplify your content writing and content syndication efforts?

    Avenues of content marketing resources to help you succeed:


    'Content Marketing Inspiration'

    'Alternative Ways to Find Good Content Creators'
    • Hire college students looking to volunteer time in exchange for a job reference
    • Hire family members that write well to help your site stay updated with relevant, curated content
    • Barter with freelancers on sites such as or contact other bloggers and article marketers
    • Reach out to people who comment on your videos and ask them to volunteer some content
    • Exchange only natural links with other bloggers and marketers in your niche (no paid links)
    • Respond to people on social networks and ask them to volunteer content to your site
    • Anything else considered legitimate and creative

    Always remember the more natural content your site has despite you sometimes allegedly "writing like a dog" can generate scores of traffic from search engines and social networks years to come. The key to success is the mind. Stay persistent. Write long form content and engage often with your target audience. If you have an opportunity to achieve earned media, go for the gusto. Whatever you do, never give up. Success is right around the corner online waiting for you.

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    Thanks for sharing the nice piece of stuff with us. No doubt, content marketing is the best for getting results from search engine but this is also the fact that its not an easy job....