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#GoogleMaps Now Allows You to Save Addresses for #EasyDirections

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  • #GoogleMaps Now Allows You to Save Addresses for #EasyDirections

    #GoogleMaps lets anyone #savedirections without worrying about #writing anything down. All you need is a #WiFiphone or instant #WiFi connection anywhere and use #GMaps to #mapdirections to your #destination -

    Do you have a account and use regularly to map directions to business and personal locations? Good news if you own a Gmail account. If you're one of many people who use Google maps for business and personal purposes and travel often with your Wi-Fi enabled phone or laptop, you can now use maps by to save directions. Google maps now makes it easier for amateur and novice users to input an address of their final destination along with the address of their originating destination and save it for future reference. The purpose of doing so is if you're not one to use pen and paper the old-school way and write down an address or probably one of those people who easily loses paper with the address and phone number on it, Google maps will now help you indirectly retain your memory. The good news about saving addresses in Google maps is that like, it gives you step-by-step easy to understand instructions along with satellite images of your final destination.

    Wi-Fi Enabled Everywhere

    The best way to use Google maps to your positive advantage is to have a Wi-Fi ready phone by,, or with instant Internet connection while on the road out and about. The reason for having a Wi-Fi ready phone is because not everyone drives around with a laptop in their car or SUV. With your Wi-Fi phone, all you have to do is simply click an icon that has a Google image on it and select Google maps. From there, once Google maps is accessed on your Wi-Fi enabled phone and your phone asks you to put in the address of your final destination, all you have to do is simply turn on your speech recognition program by taking your index finger and tapping the microphone icon.

    Tapping the microphone icon located in the center flush right section of your phone on your screen will allow you to use the power of your voice to speak in the address in the field work Google maps asks you to input the address. After speaking the address and zip code, take your index finger again and press enter or "right arrow." Google maps should instantly return accurate directions to your destination even if you're on the highway driving. If your phone can't access the Internet while out and about, your best choice would be to pull over at your nearest gas station like,,, or fast food restaurant such as,,,, or hotels like,,,, or shopping mall to get free instant Wi-Fi access (publicly shared connection).

    'Making Money with Google Maps & Side Hustles'

    There's a grand possibility bloggers and website owners can potentially make money from Google maps by having the JavaScript enabled Google maps code enabled on their sites with ads next to it. Depending on the settings of the Google map enabled on a blog or website, publishers can potentially make money by not only having maps readily available on blogs next to an advertisement, but they can also potentially configure the settings where as people can directly search for directions to their destination on that particular blog or website without directly visiting the official Google maps website.

    The positive result of people using Google maps for directions on blogs and websites is that bloggers and website owners get to potentially benefit from increased ad revenue, site retention time ranked on, additionally to their published pages getting free advertising from their readers and customers through links to those pages with Google maps on it shared on social networks like,,,, and If all of this sounds confusing to you, bookmark this page in your web browser in Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Firefox for future reference.

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    Believe it or not, there’s affiliate marketers and bloggers and various content creators who allegedly earn good money off of having Google maps and possibly other Google related products on their sites making it easily accessible to people. They also allegedly earn good money from and affiliate programs promoted on those sites next to GMaps.

    Are your creative entrepreneurial juices flowing right now about how you can make money online as a side hustle time business? If you have a few hours a day you can spare to invest in your future by starting an online business in a niche you're passionate about, get inspired now by reading a Forbes article and transforming a blogging side hustle into a full time quiet cash machine. If you feel you have the business muscle for the hustle and lay the patience card for a few years by investing in your early retirement and sparing a few hours a day to work on your side hustle and provide value to people, you'll be surprised how you come out on the other side in just a few short years time financially.