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#ContentMarketing and #SEO: Playing the Game of Patience as a #SideHustleMillionaire in the Making by #Writing 'Lots and Lots of #Content'

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  • #ContentMarketing and #SEO: Playing the Game of Patience as a #SideHustleMillionaire in the Making by #Writing 'Lots and Lots of #Content'

    When many people discuss or even think of the topic of link building and improving their search engine optimization for their blog or website, they possibly get frustrated. Others have not one clue what "SEO natural link building" is. What exactly does it consist of? Well, "Natural SEO link building" mainly consists of writing quality content from scratch. An example of "quality content writing" would be something like blogging about how your day was. You would pull up Microsoft Word and use it as a rough draft page to create your blog or article discussing in your own words "as you would normally do in a regular conversation" how your day went. Afterwards, you would add a few relevant keywords to your article or blog posts so that when search engine crawlers come by your site to crawl your content you posted about how your day was, the search engine spiders would understand and possibly index you better and higher in what's called search engine results pages, dubbed "SERPs." Writing content in your own words is SEO natural link building.

    It's also known as SEO natural link building because good content naturally gets linked to by other blogs and websites. And, the beauty of publishing quality content to your blog or site daily will not only increase the probability of search engine crawlers coming to your site multiple times daily, but also, you may possibly get a blog post or webpage totally discussing your site by other sites. As a result, it can increase your natural website traffic, and help you potentially increase your online income and online authority. Of course, for the good of your site getting more business.

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    Natural link building and improving SEO takes time. Just a word of encouragement to those who are building a business from scratch patient and do things the right way. Don't buy paid links. Don't use article spinners. Write unique and engaging content and share it on social networks. No black hat SEO. If you choose those routes, you may get a quick fix and instantly get to the top of the search engine listings. Bad news? Your blog or website will burn and crash, meaning you'll get blacklisted, your IP address will be recorded, your domain gets a bad rep, and you'll have to start all over again with a new domain, blog or website, and possibly everything else. Be honest and build links naturally, by creating good content, build meaningful relationships online with everyone, serve others without expectation, and most importantly...stay humble and continue writing lots and lots of unique and educational content for readers to enjoy and not just for search engines to index.

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    Word of advice on link building: If you engage in any kind of Black hat SEO and think you're going to positively achieve a lengthy online career as an affiliate marketer or blogger, guess again. Sites that engage in "Black hat SEO," only succeed temporarily before,, and other search engine crawlers quietly get hip to a site's link building strategy and content strategies and de-lists them from organic search results pages. It's not worth going down "easy street."

    Do the transformation business work and put in that honest work with creating lots and lots of quality content, naturally comment on other people's sites with meaningful feedback, build and sustain relationships on social networks, and most importantly, build up your organic e-mail newsletter lists. Staying on track with natural site promotion and producing unique content either daily or frequently will naturally earn you "White hat SEO inbound links" without asking anyone to link to your site content.