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Starting a business online is challenging. Maintaining your internet-based business is even more challenging. There's key things you have to do as a webpreneur to ensure your venture will be online 24/7 and making money when you're sleeping. Decision making in the moment as an online entrepreneur plays a key role in future growth and success of your web startup.

So you probably just launched a business on the web or about to get started. Wonderful. Now that you're making the transition into being a full-time netpreneur, here's 3 key things you need to do to keep that internet startup running at full strength:


1. Secure dedicated web hosting. When you acquire a quality dedicated web server for your online business, it has enough RAM, disk space, and bandwidth to handle massive scores of incoming traffic from search engines and social networks. These are key ingredients needed in your dedicated server web hosting package to ensure your website loads fast and serves thousands of people viewing it at once. Dedicated web hosting is affordable and is recommended for anyone starting up an online business from scratch. Last but not least, if you have the funds to pay 2-5 years ahead of time for your web hosting package, go ahead and do that. The reason behind it is to give you a peace of mind knowing you don't have to fork out money the next year from your debit or credit card, and scrambling to pay your web hosting fees at the last minute.

2. A domain name relevant to the niche blog or website is always good to have. A domain name uniquely identifies you and creates personal branding of yourself or your company. For example, if you have a site about fitness, you can create a domain around that topic something to the effect of CreativeFitnessExercises.com and start building your blog around the topic of "creative fitness exercises." After while, people will naturally stop by your blog and read what you post. It can be a blog, discussion forum, or website you choose to start. Most people find success in launching an online business by installing a blog on their dedicated Web server. And, they find additional success by creating a domain name relevant to their topic. This is why it's important for your domain name to have unique keywords in it to the topic of your site because you increase the probability of getting a better crawl by search engine spiders and ranking better in search engine results pages for your topic.

3. Create unique content for your blog or site daily using a quality speech recognition program. In the dark ages of blogging, all bloggers traditionally used their computer keyboards and manually typed their blog posts. In today's age of information technology and ever evolving technology, bloggers now use speech recognition programs also known as "voice recognition," or "dictation programs." What speech recognition does for your site is allow you to use the power of your mouth to write content while you watch the words appear on your computer screen. Voice recognition programs also allow you to creatively express yourself and let the words come out of your mind faster. Everyone has something rambling in the back of their mind about whatever. Speech recognition allows you to jot those thoughts down quickly just by putting on a headset and talking away. When you update your site daily with fresh content using a speech recognition program, you are feeding the search engine spiders and will possibly rank better in search engine results pages. This is the number one tool full-time bloggers are using speech recognition and putting out content virtually as fast as a locomotive train.

'Stay Focused'

These are three helpful tips to help you stay innovative and maintain your online business. It's important that you web hosting fees and yearly domain name renewal costs stay paid upfront. As everyone knows, content is king on the Internet and always will be. The more unique content you put out the better your site will rank on Alexa.com and in search engines like Bing.com, Excite.com, Google.com, and YaHoO! as with any business you can make more or less depending on your humility, determination, and relationships you have with others both personally and in business.