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  • #YouTubePartner: Earn #YouTubeAdMoney from a #YouTubePartnership

    #MakingMoneyOnline with the #AdSenseYouTube #partnerprogram -

    Earning #YouTubeAdMoney from a video partnership is not as hard as it seems. Creating meaningful and engaging online video content will help to build your subscriber base. Writing a keyword rich video description after you've uploaded your video will attract video search traffic to your YouTube video channel. Uploading videos and creating unique video description content will not only build your video subscriber base and build channel views, but staying persistent will help you to accomplish potential YouTube partner status in due time.

    The first step towards becoming a potential YouTube partner is to get into the consistency of uploading videos to your YouTube channel every single day. When uploading videos to your YouTube channel, be sure to write a meaningful description of what your YouTube video is about. Writing two or three sentences will not cut the mustard toward building your YouTube video search traffic. To be effective at YouTube video marketing and building your subscriber base, it's always a positive and common practice to write at least a 1 to 2 paragraph description of what your YouTube video is about. Go for the gusto if you have the time and creativity to publish a 500 to 1,000 word video description. The beauty of doing so is getting a better SEO rank if you include links to your blog or website in the YouTube video description field.

    The keywords and content embedded in your YouTube video description will be indexed by major search engines and available to search on YouTube and Google organic search results pages. It's also a good practice to include relevant tags in the tag description of your newly uploaded YouTube videos. If you've uploaded a video about relationship and online dating, you shouldn't include keywords in the tag description about technology, television, making money, investing in stocks and bonds, Forex markets, offshore banking, and music. If you upload a video to your YouTube channel about relationship and online dating, the relevant tags that should be included with that video art love, dating, marriage, relationship, relationships, relationship building, lifetime partner, love and marriage, together for ever, so on and so forth.

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    If you're persistent enough to upload one to five or more videos to your YouTube channel every day and include keyword rich description about your videos uploaded, you can potentially set yourself up for success to achieve membership in the YouTube partner program in a matter of months. It can't be emphasized enough you must be persistent as getting accepted into the YouTube partner program if it is a goals you desire to achieve long-term. No one's going to just give you or offer you a partnership into YouTube's partner program or any online marketing program. If you want something, you have to go after it, even if you get rejected the first few times. Do not expect immediate acceptance in YouTube partner program right away. If and when you experience YouTube partner program rejection, don't let it discourage you from additionally pursuing the goal of being a YouTube partner. Keep going in by uploading unique video content, writing unique video descriptions, include relevant keywords-tags about your video, and strive to get accepted into YouTube's partner program. Once accepted, there's no salary cap or ceiling how much you can possibly earn in YouTube ad residual monthly income. It's all up to you what you make of the YouTube partner ad program by

    When you're potentially accepted into the YouTube partner program, advertisements will automatically show up in every new video you upload to your YouTube channel. As a YouTube partner, you will earn a portion of the revenue from your videos, as this can turn into a potential full time online living, if you are persistent in your efforts to keep your channel viewers satisfied with your new videos. Bear in mind that this is work but unlike the 9 to 5 day job scene. It is a beautiful labor of love but a patient operation. As your YouTube revenue grows from your videos, you can potentially expect your rent, mortgage, car note, utility bills, and other expenses to be paid potentially in full while having change left in your pocket and money in the bank.

    As mentioned previously in so many your efforts to become a YouTube partner, give it your best, be honest in your videos, be yourself genuinely, and create meaningful and engaging video content to connect with the Internet audience on a humble level. Be down-to-earth in your YouTube videos so they can understand clearly where you are coming from. Stay faithful. Put people before profits and when least expected, the money will roll in like Water as you'll be able to "quit your day job." Lastly, before publishing a video description, always write unique content fresh from scratch. Bing, Google, and all check across the web for exact or similar versions of any type of content posted to your channel, blog, or website. The more unique content you publish to your video channel or site, the more free traffic and potential sales you get. So with that in mind, take time to write naturally and mingle with your target audience in giving them responses and feedback. This way, you subliminally encourage people to keep coming back and giving you their business. To keep your YouTube monetization - content creation ambitions ignited in longevity, it's recommended for content creators and evergreen content marketers to acquire a durable speech recognition program.