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#GetOrganized: Asian BIllionaire is Youngest on Forbes List

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  • #GetOrganized: Asian BIllionaire is Youngest on Forbes List

    He did it in 5-6 years.

    Started from scratch and grew it into more than a virtual social networking chia pet. Yoshikazu Tanaka is a young man holding enormous wealth. He started from the bottom like most entrepreneurs did and worked his way up with a visionary mindset. Tanaka knows struggle and did the transformation business work.

    Social networking holds hidden millions in earnings from ads for those who start their own social networking portaland stay consistent with doing the work. In a personal opinion, it's viewed by some that being a billionaire is really more like a curse. Having that kind of money is really not that healthy. But, if you are a billionaire, perhaps giving the fortune away would leave anyone with a feeling of being complete, since the excessive funds one may have on hand will go to the good of helping other genuinely in need. Helping others is always a good thing and puts any entrepreneur in a position to receive passive residual blessings from the Lord Jesus Christ.

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    What's holding you back from transforming your ideas and being innovative in your business profession? What if? What could've been? If it doesn't go right then what?

    Has any of those crossed your mind while working your day job? It's time now to take that leap of faith and transform your life through faithful entrepreneurship."

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    The best of the best today didn't get where they are without going through something. They did the transformation business work out of inspiration and continued going the extra mile in the uncertain game called life when things looked bleak. It's your time now to shine and show the world who has the true "business muscle for the hustle."