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#SideHustle: Now's the Time to Start Hustling in Entrepreneurship

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  • #SideHustle: Now's the Time to Start Hustling in Entrepreneurship

    Have you been on your job too long and feel change is needed in your life? Are you currently happy with your salary as an employee who puts forth sincere effort for their employer only to
    get a virtual slap in your face? It's time for you to start your side hustle and take control of your life as an aspiring entrepreneur.

    As some employers in America continue getting away with under the table disrespect to targeted employees, it should be looked at as a silent indicator it's time to achieve the transformation of entrepreneurship. Disparate treatment can be a subliminal blessing in disguise. Disparate treatment can bring out good things in people who have the entrepreneurial spirit hidden in them. If you feel you're targeted by your boss for whatever reason, keep a smile on your face and know it's time to startup your side hustle.

    Don't worry about where your next paycheck is going to come from before starting your own side hustle business. Just focus on using bottled up frustration from how your employer treats you and keep building .

    The side hustle is your way to new beginnings and living life to your fullest positive potential.