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#Capitalize off of Sleazy #Dating Partners by Thinking Positive and #StartaBusiness

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  • #Capitalize off of Sleazy #Dating Partners by Thinking Positive and #StartaBusiness

    Have you ever struggled with staying and thinking positive after a breakup? Have you ever been dismissed from a relationship because the one you were temporarily dating was secretly sleeping with their ex? A person can't be a professional corporate events director and sleep with their ex at the same time, thinking they hold positive spiritual and relationship worth. Getting organized is not about "two different things."

    If you've found yourself in a situation where you felt and suspected in your heart someone you were seeing was not faithful to you and the person dismisses you, take it as a blessing. They were subliminally tipping you off that you can do better by getting organized with a better person who has more spiritual worth and education. Stay positive and smile no matter what. That's true transformation of the heart.