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Achieve #HealthyChanges in Faith Beyond #EatingHealthyFood

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  • Achieve #HealthyChanges in Faith Beyond #EatingHealthyFood

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    Doing more than what’s expected will do more than put you on the fast track to long-term success. When you do what is expected of on a regular basis and then some, it's virtually destined goodness will favor you. Going above and beyond in daily productivity, exercise, and doing for others in building quality relationships keeps the ball rolling in your corner. When you do for others wholeheartedly, you will always reap healthy rewards of all sorts (same thing said 3 different ways).

    Making healthy changes in life is not easy. When you think of getting out of your comfort zone and adapting to new patterns, it can sometimes overwhelm you mentally. Don’t allow that. When we are out of our comfort zone, it allows you to humble yourself to a point of being teachable, while feeling you're never too old to learn new things. For instance, most folk who get promotions on jobs do more than what is expected of them. They do more than punch in the time clock, do the work, take lunch and fifteen minute breaks, and leave for the day. It may be the unique work pattern and how organized they do their job that sets them apart from others. They do more than others without someone asking them to, putting them in a certain light being a positive role model. This is a classic example of healthy and positive change in the workplace.

    A person who is out of shape may not be too excited about going to the gym everyday. They may be used to a certain pattern of living that they may not want to get out of yet. Adapting to exercising and frequent cardio takes time, in order for them to make continual healthy changes. As time goes by, they get out of their lifestyle comfort zone and begin to enjoy exercising, achieving healthy changes in their physical and mental transformation. As they progress and feel more encouraged to continue making healthy changes, they exercise almost everyday and perform more cardiovascular exercise, changing their lifestyle habits and diet.

    Relationship building and mending has all sorts of positive advantages. For starters, building quality and healthy relationships enables you to rely on others if you need something done. Of course, getting something out of someone first requires that you give of yourself unconditionally, such as supporting them in putting them first, doing nice things for others, and s forth. This is an example of healthy changes, because it is an open show of humility in your heart towards thinking about other people, before doing for yourself. Last but not least, mending a broken relationship is not only healthy, but, it also opens positive doors for the relationship you once had with the other person or group to be more meaningful, the second time around. Transformation is more than an 18 week process.