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Inspiration or Desperation: #HodgeTwins #Eating #MexicanFood in #California?

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  • Inspiration or Desperation: #HodgeTwins #Eating #MexicanFood in #California?

    In California, Carl's Jr. is among the most trafficked fast food restaurants alongside Jack in the Box. Carl's Jr. is owned by parent company Arby's, who also operates Hardee's. And now, Miguel's Jr, a Mexican homemade food style restaurant, appears on the scene in Cali. It looks as if the Hodge twins gained weight from munching foods they have no business affiliating themselves with. And as you can see in the YouTube video above, they're munching on Mexican food with lots and lots of melted cheese alongside Chicken and rice.

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    Are the Hodge twins slipping away from their fitness journey out of inspiration or desperation?