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Hints for #Transformation Success

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  • Hints for #Transformation Success

    Transformation is an inside job starting with the curation of soul, mind, and lastly, the body. Are you striving for excellence to accomplish transformation excellence, but falling down in your journey? Don't stress it. No one can achieve a perfect transformation. What matters most is you're trying. So stay encouraged.

    Drew Canole and mastermind of FitLifeTV offers encouragement for your transformation journey. Watch it, encourage yourself, never give up, and keep going even on days you don't feel like it.

    Additional hints for transformation success:

    1. If you have a passion to lead, help others genuinely and be yourself before people and behind closed doors.
    2. Have a passion to transform because you want to.
    3. Don't look at how long it takes. Transformation is for life. Not 18 weeks. You're warming up in 18 weeks.

    Must read: Biblical definition of transformation

    4. Transformation is more than ordering protein shakes from the internet and eating healthy.
    5. Transformation for life is the genuine curation of soul, spirit, mind, and body.
    6. Set small attainable goals in your transformation such as a new way of thinking, getting organized spiritually, at home, work, college, or in your small business.
    7. Never let any adversity take you away from personal achievement.