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How to #LoseWeight and Become a #TransformationChampionforLife

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  • How to #LoseWeight and Become a #TransformationChampionforLife

    Always rely on the
    Lord Jesus Christ

    for spiritual and physical strength, as HE will help you achieve more than weight loss goals.

    Whether you're looking to 26.2 mile marathon or lose weight to get a better outlook on life, losing weight goes way beyond looking good on the outside and having a slim waistline. It goes way beyond the ability to fit in skinny jeans. Weight loss is a state of mind that will help to improve your life in many positive ways and inspire you to continually do the transformation work. Here's how you can lose weight instantly:
    • Jog and walk outside first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. When doing so, you recalibrate your mind and body to burn stored fat and accelerate incineration of unhealthy body weight
    • Go run a 26.2 mile marathon on an empty stomach. Condition yourself ahead of time in preparation to run a 26.2 mile marathon by jogging, walking, and running on an empty stomach with only water and vitamins in you
    • Eat right. Your body is your temple and food you ingest is an investment towards your future health performance. There are many healthy food places to dine at to help you lose weight effectively and stay on track with your transformation goals
    • Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol. Liquor, gin, and vodka all contain empty calories and sugar which will add unhealthy body weight as well as bring out the hyena in you
    • Believe in your ability to lose the unhealthy weight.
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    The list could go on and on about creative ways to lose weight. The beauty of losing weight and getting healthy goes beyond looking sexy. If you're able to successfully complete a 26.2 mile marathon on an empty stomach, you'll potentially lose 2-3 pounds in one day, depending on how fast you're moving on the marathon trail at the time and how fast you calibrated your metabolism to move in preparation for the 26.2 mile marathon.

    You can be a true transformation weight loss champion if you act faithfully. Believe in yourself and always stay positive. Be a team player and lift others up in their transformation journey towards improving their health and spiritual wellness. This will make you a transformation champion for life even if you are considered an unsung hero.