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Things #DonaldTrump Proved to the World

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  • Things #DonaldTrump Proved to the World

    Donald Trump's presidential victory sent a clear and concise message to the world. What was the message? You don't need previous experience to be United States president. A good track record in business, strong business and political connections, and a bold mouth at that. Donald Trump's presidential victory says a lot more than what seen and heard. He prospered beyond traditional rules of having previous experience as a congressman, senator, or member in any position in government by achieving the highest office in America despite his age. He also proved to the world of age is nothing but a number and the first oldest president elect to transition into office at 70.

    Despite harsh language Trump used during political campaigning, he proved to the world you can do anything you put your mind to. You don't necessarily need experience to prosper. You need something called "staying power." Perseverance. Consistency. Stamina. And most importantly, never giving up when the stakes are stacked against you. He was wrong for saying many things during his campaign for US president. But he also inspired some people who viewed his campaign in a positive light. It doesn't take money to succeed. It takes a willing mindset to succeed.

    What did Donald Trump's victory inspire you to do? Go back to church and strive to live Holy? Do you feel hope now to start a business? Mend broken relationships? Go back to college and earn your degree or perhaps your MBA or PhD?

    Truth is, Trump's presidential victory should most importantly inspire you to go back to church and turn your life around to live right because you have to brace yourself for what's to come in the near future. Bottom line… Scripture is being fulfilled daily.