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British Lawmakers Seeking #DonaldTrump Ban From #UnitedKingdom?

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  • British Lawmakers Seeking #DonaldTrump Ban From #UnitedKingdom?

    Trump was invited to the U.K. to speak t the British house of parliament by Theresa May, Bloomberg reports. Let's take a closer look at that. Trump may or may not make the visit to the United Kingdom. He just signed off an executive order that was blocked by a Brooklyn judge on the ban for 90 days.

    He's already causing havoc 17 days in office. And he may possibly take a trip to the UK to speak? He's going to cause a riot in another country all because of him and his actions. And if the Donald does visit the UK to speak before British parliament, he may cause traffic jams, mess up business, and allegedly cause people to be arrested in the U.K. over protesting his visit. All for what? Just to show the world he's running the show? Honestly, Trump should have his invite rescinded and presence unwelcomed until he leaves office.