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#Forbes: 10 Best Cities for Marketing Jobs

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  • #Forbes: 10 Best Cities for Marketing Jobs

    Give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ always if you're blessed to get a job in marketing anywhere in the united states. And if you don't yet have a job, thank God anyway. He will make a way out of no way for you.

    If you land a job at Forbes doing anything, you pretty much achieved job security. If your degree is in marketing and looking to take your career to the next level in today's world, consider relocating to nyc. That is, if you don't mind riding the new york subway to and from work daily in your newfounded marketing job in the big apple.

    A college degree in marketing with related experience allows anyone to work anywhere in the world for any company. A good thing about that kind of degree is your degree will never become obsolete with time. The job market is tough today regardless if you apply for a job in New York City or the west coast in California.

    Today's market virtually forced many to start their own businesses and build their future from scratch. Always give the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God and God alone thanks in good and bad times of employment uncertainty. If you're able to get a job in marketing and build your business simultaneously without burning yourself out daily, great. Thank God anyway. Not everyone has the ability to maintain a day job whether it be in marketing and build a business at the same time.

    And if you don't land a job at after seeking them out for a position you feel best suits you, stay faithful and never give up. Someone and something is out there just for you. It's your hidden blessing of employment or entrepreneurship waiting just for you.