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#MrPregnant of #NYC is Trying to Clean Up His Act

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  • #MrPregnant of #NYC is Trying to Clean Up His Act

    This guy is known for wearing underwear and women's bras walking the street of Manhattan in broad daylight in bird's eye view of NYPD. Yeah, that's right. In the eyes of Po-9 in New York City, that's absolutely legal.

    He's known to do a lot in public with his either digital camera or portable camera in New York. He has a YouTube channel and a website branded "Mr. pregnant." When he's not walking around in Manhattan in a bra and panties in bird's eye view of New Yorkers, he's making YouTube videos out of his apartment either playing the guitar, he'll walk around either with a cooking pot on the top of his head in a park in Manhattan, make prank phone calls wearing fake teeth, or make YouTube videos talking about absolute nonsense. Believe it or not, he's earning good money from the YouTube partner-Google AdSense advertising program. He's possibly earning enough money to avoid working a day job.

    His name is Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st, known as, shnacker shnaw, a goofball on YouTube who earns good money from Google ads, lecturer, poet, and journalist.

    He continues to earn good money from the YouTube partner-Google AdSense contextual online advertising program in addition to possibly having a new job nowadays working for Universal Studios.

    Moral: Never sleep on anyone no matter how odd they are. You never know what they may amount to. When you put someone down that's different from you and see them succeed later in life, you can never go back to them speaking or asking for anything. Not even speaking through other people to try and reconnect with that person you once doubted. Good money.