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#AtelsonFitzgeraldHolder the 1st aka #MrPregnant Cleans Up His #YouTube Behavior?

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  • #AtelsonFitzgeraldHolder the 1st aka #MrPregnant Cleans Up His #YouTube Behavior?

    Many people know him as, a.k.a "shnacker shnaw," a.k.a. Mr. man boobs, a.k.a. Mr. doesn't have it all upstairs, a.k.a. Mr. bra and panties.

    His real name is Atelson Fitzgerald Holder the first. And he lives in New York. He became a sensation by posting abnormal videos of himself either without a shirt on showing his man boobs, a metal pot on top of his head, or walking around in the street of Manhattan in front of NYPD with only a bra and panties on.

    It seems as if Holder the 1st is allegedly seeking to clean up his act. He hasn't posted any wild and wacky videos of himself with fake teeth in his mouth, dressed in a woman's bra and panties walking outside in New York City virtually naked, nor prank calling people. Mature grown men don't do things like that, not even for the purpose of earning online advertising dollars.

    Past videos from the channel of Mr. Pregnant:

    Absolutely nasty- obsurd

    He ought to be ashamed of himself.

    When will he completely clean up his act?