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#PanasianBuffet: Another #RaveReview for Quality Food

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  • #PanasianBuffet: Another #RaveReview for Quality Food

    Panasian Buffet Philadelphia earns rave reviews again for great food. Located in North Philly off of Roosevelt Boulevard and Adams Street, Panasian serves quality food.

    Shortlist of Hibachi selections:
    • lo mein
    • King crab
    • seasoned shrimp
    • chicken and broccoli
    • pepper steak
    • London broil
    • beef tips
    • plain fried rice
    • mei fun noodles
    • spareribs
    • mussels
    • oysters
    • steamed fish
    • fried fish
    • fried shrimp
    • egg rolls
    • fried onion rings
    • chicken teriyaki
    • cooked plantain
    • sushi
    • many hibachi steak - grilled orders
    • large shrimp - grilled orders
    • vegetables - grilled orders

    The list goes on. While yesterday wasn't Super Bowl Sunday or Presidents' Day, Panasian served delicious lobster in ginger sauce "people stalked the lobster plate waiting for more to come out of the kitchen."

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    Up close and personal views of delicious lobster and grilled hibachi steak with shrimp from Panasian buffet North Philadelphia:

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    Live in Philly and never been to Panasian buffet? It may be closer than you think.


    Eating on weekends will run you in the ballpark of $13.99 per head. That doesn't include tax of $1.10. You're roughly looking at a grand total of $15.10 a head dining at Panasian North Philly. For the past few sundays after the Superbowl and President's day, they continue to serve Lobster. An employee at Panasian mentioned in the past they temporarily ceased from serving Lobster on weekends due to the high cost of it under special circumstances such as holidays. But it looks as if they're back at it with bringing out the most loved sea creature served in Ginger sauce on weekends.

    Maybe this is why you're paying $15.10 per head in addition to paying for the location where Panasian is located "off of busy Roosevelt Blvd. in North Phille-eye-del-pheea." If you plan on bringing the kids to eat, you may want to check with the servers first before seating to possibly get special pricing "if they have that available for kids whereas they eat at a discounted price."
    Sick of looking at the mouth watering lobster and grille food pics? Time to make a power move and get on down yonder to Panasian Buffet in North Philly and experience the goodness of quality Hibachi entrées.