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#SundayFoodReview: #Lobster All Day at #PanasianPhiladelphia

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  • #SundayFoodReview: #Lobster All Day at #PanasianPhiladelphia

    #CrabKing -

    There was a time when Panasian buffet, located in Northeast Philadelphia, resorted to serving Lobster on special occasion such as holidays and superbowl. Things changed. Panasian Buffet, located off of Roosevelt Blvd and Adams St nearby,,, and now serves Lobster on weekends. And it’s worth spending the cash to eat as you’ll walk away a happy and full customer. Only thing is, if you really want a nice portion of Lobster on your plate, you ought to keep a sharp eyes on the section where the Lobster plate goes. Why? Some Panasian customers virtually stalk the Lobster plate waiting for the Hibachi server to bring it out, so they can get “first dibs,” and stack as much Lobster as possible on their plate.

    How much? Look forward to paying somewhere in the ballpark of $13.99 per plate. That doesn’t include the cost of drink. Is it worth the money? Absolutely! Not only will you get the best grilled Hibachi food in Philadelphia dining at Panasian, but you’ll also have a variety of tasty desserts to choose from.

    Choices of dessert:
    • Shortcake
    • Sliced Kiwi
    • Sliced oranges
    • Sliced pineapple
    • Grapes
    • Sliced cantaloupe
    • Strawberries

    The list goes on.

    Today’s favorite pics from Panasian buffet North Philly:

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    #HibachiLobster in #ButterandGinger #sauce -
    #Pineapple by #Dole for #dessert -

    Beautiful Hibachi food selections:

    #Snowfish -
    #LargeShrimp #seasoned with #headon -
    #Crab, #Chicken, and #Shrimp/ #threescompany -
    #Steamed #flatfish -
    #Beef or #pork #ribtips -
    #friedfood -

    'How to Get to Panasian from I-76'

    If you’re taking the blue route toward Germantown, simply follow Route 1 heading toward Roosevelt Blvd. Avoid the Valley Forge way. If you make a mistake and go the Valley Forge way, get off at Lincoln-Kelly drive and make a U turn if you can. You may have to turn around and head up toward City Line Avenue near the hotel before making a U-turn and getting back on the highway en route to Roosevelt Boulevard. Keep going straight on Roosevelt Boulevard but stay in your left lane heading in the direction toward Old Country Buffet and Home Depot.

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    Stay straight as directed on Roosevelt Boulevard until you get to Adams Street and get in your far left lane. You’ll go around the sharp curve coming onto Adams Street, where you’ll see Panasian buffet restaurant on your right-hand side on the corner directly across the street from gas station. Be mindful to find a good parking spot once you get in the parking lot. Don’t park too close to people. Why not park close to people? People will allegedly “ding” your door and drive off. No one likes dings showing in their door side. Do you?

    Stay tuned for future reviews on Panasian Buffet Philadelphia.