spared the driver's life as the driver survived driving off a cliff. The person had no choice to learn a valuable life lesson about texting while driving.

This is a clear example demonstrating to people that it's not all text on your cell phone, while driving. Many states have now laid down a law against texting on your cell phone while driving. And, despite the law being passed in a majority of states, there are some people in positions of authority, who tend to break this law. Some of these people are law enforcement. Have you ever taken a moment to see exactly what some cops are doing, besides driving on the side or driving past you in traffic? Some of them are talking on their cell phones, while driving with one hand. Is this okay to do?

No, it's not okay to talk on your cell phone while driving. Whether you're law enforcement, and everyday regular person going and coming from work, or even going to the gym and back, you should pull over on the side of the road or highway, so that you do not potentially endanger other drivers. When you talk on your cell phone during travel in your vehicle, you are not only risking your safety by willingly distracting your mind from staying focused on the road, but, you also risk a number of things. First, you risk driving over any solid line placed on the road or highway. Second, you risk accidentally changing lanes, while another car is alongside you, whether it be on the left or right shoulder of the road or highway you''re driving on. Third, you risk not braking your car in due time, meaning that while you''re distracted and talking on your cell phone to whomever, you may potentially not see the red light coming up not far from you, and potentially run the traffic light. As a result, a car accident may potentially occur between you, and other vehicles crossing the intersection. When you're driving, focus on just that, and leave the cell phone usage alone until after your car is parked, and keys officially out of the ignition.

In a sad blog post on Mashable, it speaks on a college student driving off of a cliff while texting on a cell phone. The college student could've lost their life, but instead spared by mercy.

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