People who wear Air Max 90 by singled out and listed as bad people because of the sneakers they wear? Why would Nike Air Max sneakers be listed as sneakers worn by drug dealers and troublemakers? Virtually everyone and their grandparents wears Air Max.

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If you didn't know, the popular sneaker by Nike known as Air Max 90 has been around since 1990. It's a famous running shoe worn by almost everyone across the world. However, a majority of drug dealers do wear the Air Max 90 sneaker by Nike because of the potential fact that they can potentially run faster when chased by police. But mean a person wearing air Max sneakers should be ruled out as a drug dealer or troublemaker.

What's your thoughts on people who wear Nike air Max 90 sneakers? Are they drug dealers and troublemakers? Or singled out because the bad news bears wears that particular sneaker?