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You certainly would love to know that information, wouldn't you? If you have a Facebook friend list with thousands of friends, whether it be on a business or personal level, you can now easily find out who removed you. When you find out the sad truth about who removed you as a friend from their Facebook friends list, just maintain a positive attitude and don't go messaging them asking why you removed me, because nine times out of 10, you're not supposed to really know in the first place. And, no speaking through other people's Facebook profiles to the person that deleted you trying to get information out of them too. Leave them alone and move on. It's not that serious.

WhoDeletedMeonFB.com is a site currently working to keep Facebook profile owners informed who removes them as a friend. To use the site and connect it to your profile is as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is visit the site. You should already be logged into your Facebook account at the time of connecting Who deleted me on Facebook to your profile. If not, login to Facebook.com right away. Once logged in, this really cool app will save a copy of your friends list, once you authorize it to by allowing the app to access your list of Facebook friends. It'll periodically check everyday around the clock and send you a discreet notification in your Facebook notications section, located in the upper flush right hand corner next to the padlock looking image of your Facebook account. Then, you won't have to worry anymore about trying to figure out on your own "who deleted you on Facebook."

Thousands of Facebook users use the app to know who their real and fake friends are.

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According to Alexa.com, they rank excellent in the United States alone and a popular site.

Now that you know this information, pass it on. Using this app on your Facebook profile will show you who your real friends are. No more second guessing why a friend you knew from way back when acting funny on you online and unfriending for no reason. If they unfriend you, it may be a blessing in disguise. Friends come and go, but real ones stay and keep a special place in your heart for a lifetime.