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Image: Philadelphia Police - NBCPhiladelphia.com

(NBC Philadelphia) - Brothers Carlton Hipps, 30, and Ramone Williams, 26, are charged with the murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III. Police say the men killed Wilson during a shootout inside a North Philadelphia GameStop store on March 5, 2015.

Ain't this a blip?!

Philadelphia Police released the following image above of the two suspects charged in the murder of slain Philly cop Robert Wilson III. Ofc. Wilson died in the line of duty while going into the game stop store in North Philadelphia to purchase a video game, because his son got good grades in school. He came across two suspects announcing a robbery in the store, ganging up on him shortly after entering the store, putting a bullet in his head. Officer Wilson died last night shooting back at the suspects.

Actor Dan Aykroyd from the famous 1980's movie Ghostbusters donated today to slain officer Wilson's trust fund. The suspects are brothers. Isn't that something? Both will be charged with murder and possibly face life in prison + the death penalty.

Only a puke punk does something like this.

Philly officer Robert Wilson III will always be remembered as an officer of humility who served his community.