Have you noticed anything different today after logging in your Facebook.com account and trying to send a message to a friend or business contact? You now see a sky blue box above messages that says something to the effect of "send money to a friend for free." If you click the blue box, it has anotgher pop-up box that prompts you to add any dollar amount you wish to send to Facebook friends-Facebook business contacts. Is Facebook competing with PayPal.com?

PayPal has been a leader since inception helping people send money to each other across the World Wide Web. Additionally, PayPal has also been a trusted source for purchasing and selling goods and services on eBay.com. It looks as if PayPal is allegedly about to experience "social financial competition."

Some people possibly feel Facebook will allegedly take much business from PayPal with their new service of allowing Facebook profile owners to send money for free on the worlds most popular social network. What do you think?