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5 Best Recommended #AffiliatePrograms to Join on CJ

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  • 5 Best Recommended #AffiliatePrograms to Join on CJ

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    Commission Junction, now known as CJ Affiliate by Conversant proves itself time and time again to be a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. Emerging from humble beginnings in 1998 the same year Google and Ezinearticles started, CJ built their business respectively from the ground floor up. The company proved itself to be a winner since, overcoming countless hurdles and succeeding in times of economical uncertainty. CJ Affiliate by Conversant is committed to helping advertisers and publishers forge meaningful and successful online working relationships with the intent of increasing online profit potential through affiliate partner programs and affiliate publisher marketing.

    Apply for a CJ publisher account at CJ.com.

    No need to fret in wondering about what affiliate programs to join if you're new to the world of blogging in online marketing. The beauty of the Internet and web publishing is when you have your very own domain name, dedicated web hosting for your blog or website, and have complete administrative control over your blog or website, you have the grand ability of partnering with any advertiser you please and market their affiliate program with their banner advertisements on your blog website. As long as you are creating fresh quality content for your site on a daily basis and sustaining quality relationships with your readers, you put yourself in a positive position of increasing online income potential through affiliate advertisements on your blog-website.

    While some bloggers and content marketers wonder about what affiliate programs to market and what affiliate networks to join, DrewryNewsNetwork can attest CJ affiliate network is definitely an affiliate network you want to join as affiliate publisher. They don't play games when it comes to affiliate publisher payouts and continue to show steady financial growth since their humble beginnings in 1998. Most importantly when you do the transformation business work in faith by starting a business and making the first action step faithfully toward making entrepreneurial achievements, that's when you'll notice a strengthened spirit within as an entrepreneur and increased faith to move forward with your online business and making more money from marketing affiliate programs on blogs and websites.

    1. 23andMe - This site is owned and operated by the wife of Google cofounder Sergey Brin. It's a DNA genealogy website designed as a genetic service that informs anyone subscribe to their service about 23 chromosomes in their body and their DNA makeup. 23andMe show steady financial growth since the company's beginnings in November 2007. 23andMe & Phizer formed what seems as a business networking partnerhsip to improve services and increase profit potential.

    As a 23andMe affiliate, you can look forward to earning $10 per DNA genealogical kit sold through your unique affiliate link. Once your affiliate cookie is placed on the person's computer whether they buy in the moment or wait a few days afterwards to make the purchase, your referral cookie is good 45 days on that person's PC until it expires. Another words, if they clicked on your affiliate link from an ad they saw on your blog or website on the third of the month and made the purchase the following month on the seventh, you're still on the plus side of earning your $10 23andMe affiliate commission. If you're making sales every day through your affiliate link, you can e-mail the affiliate manager at 23andMe at AffiliateTraction dot com to request an affiliate affiliate commission payout increase. The downside to this affiliate program is you're not allowed to advertise your affiliate links through PPC "pay per click search advertising." Why? You have to e-mail the affiliate manager for more information and to request prior approval to marketing your 23andMe affiliate links through PPC-pay per click search advertising. If you're caught by the affiliate manager marketing your affiliate links in a manner you shouldn't, this is a heads up to let you know your affiliate commissions will be "null and void."

    2. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection - As you may or may not already know, billionaire Warren Buffet is the owner of Berkshire Hathaway and BNSF Railroad. The billionaire business mogul is delving his hand deeper into the world of affiliate marketing. Looking at the bigger picture as a publisher, if you know how strong his money is, you know being a publisher of his Berkshire Hathaway affiliate program and getting creative in your blogging and content marketing techniques will help increase your affiliate earning potential not just by being a Berkshire Hathaway Travel affiliate on CJ, but help you excel financially as a part-time affiliate marketer in other affiliate programs you've partnered with.

    Details of the Warren Buffet Berkshire Hathaway affiliate program:
    • Banner ads and links are consistently updated with your affiliate code automatically embedded
    • Dedicated affiliate manager to answer your questions and help increase Berkshire I have to weigh affiliate earning potential
    • Handsome 12% affiliate commission to new affiliates
    • Your affiliate referral cookie lasts 45 days on any desktop PC or laptop
    Search policy: Affiliates are not allowed to use the trademark name, trademark keywords, or direct Berkshire I have to weigh domain name in PPC search advertising. Any questions you may have you can direct to the affiliate manager through using your CJ publisher interface and searching for "Berkshire Hathaway travel affiliate program."

    In accordance with state regulations, only publishers within the following 30 states will be able to join our program: AL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, HI, ID, IL, IN, KS, ME, MD, MN, MO, MT, NV, NH, NJ, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, VT, WA, WY.

    3. GE Appliances - General Electric is actively engaged in affiliate marketing. The GE home appliances program is seeking to recruit quality affiliates on the CJ network to market the GE home appliances affiliate program on blogs, discussion forums, and websites. Starting commission for affiliates is 4%. They offer free home delivery with every GE home appliance purchased through your affiliate link. The affiliate cookie only lasts 10 days on desktop PCs and laptops until it expires.

    They have an updated selection of creative banner ads and text links in addition to a helpful dedicated affiliate manager to assist new and existing GE home appliance affiliates. You are not allowed to use trademarked keywords from General Electric, nor variations or misspellings of the company's name in the URL section or keywords of any pay per click online advertising campaign. If you applied to the GE home appliance affiliate program and accepted and unsure of how to market your GE home appliance affiliate links, consult with the dedicated affiliate manager first before conducting any PPC ad spend. You may apply for the General Electric home appliance affiliate program through your publisher interface by clicking the "advertisers tab," or perform a search in the advertiser name section by entering "general electric home appliance."

    4. Zappos - This is a well known company that started back in the late 1990s. Virtually everyone and their grandparents purchase shoes from this online retailer. Joining this affiliate program and marketing these apples affiliate program on blogs, discussion forums, and websites entitles new affiliates to earn a starting "8% Zappos affiliate commission," with the potential to earn up to "18% Zappos affiliate commission." Customers who order shoes through your "Zappos CJ affiliate link"will enjoy free shipping, and free returns up to one year potentially. They also have clothing, bags and shoes as mentioned on the Zappos website.

    Affiliates will not receive "Zappos affiliate commissions" if they use their own affiliate link to make personal sales "as listed in the CJ Zappos advertiser terms and conditions section." There's possibly a tax to be paid for certain states people make purchases online from. Affiliates are not allowed to engage in PPC ad campaigns using the Zappos URL address or trademarked keyword terms. Affiliates are not allowed to use any keyword misspellings or variations of Zappos. Learn more by contacting the dedicated affiliate manager upon approval as a "Zappos CJ affiliate." You may locate this advertiser in your commission junction interface using the search box in the upper flush left hand corner of the website.

    5. Yelp - That's right. Yelp! Yelp is one of the most trafficked business review and recommendation websites on the World Wide Web today. You can find the best restaurants, locksmiths, hardware stores, and more through Yelp. A good thing to know about being an affiliate of their program on the CJ network is putting yourself in the positive position to earn a healthy 30% commission for new affiliates.

    According to the Yelp "more info section on CJ," they allegedly received more than 71 million people monthly coming to the site looking for all kinds of things. That means great potential for you to earn "healthy Yelp affiliate commissions on CJ," by marketing their affiliate advertisements on your blog, discussion forum, or website. A healthy 30% affiliate commission potential for every referral sent to Yelp will definitely increase your monthly affiliate commission potential on the CJ Affiliate by Conversant network. Savvy bloggers and web developers may access the "Yelp affiliate API" by signing up for a "Yelp API developer key" at yelp.com/developers. There's nothing listed at the time of this post in regards to using their trademark keywords in PPC campaigns, but you may want to get in touch with the dedicated affiliate manager to make sure you're on the good side of things before using the company's trademark keywords in pay per click ad campaigns if you use the Microsoft Bing ad network or Google AdWords PPC ad networks.

    Hopefully, you're inspired if you haven't already done so to get your hand in affiliate marketing and see how it can potentially make money for you as a side project. Many of today's online millionaires were unemployed or experienced some form of adversity before experiencing abnormal success as an Internet entrepreneur. No one in affiliate marketing started out on top. This line of work requires faith plus work on your behalf. You will not earn one dime starting out as a newbie affiliate marketer. This work takes time and patience. If you feel you have the mental muscle for the hustle to move forward, get organized with no delay, and put faith into action with positive works, affiliate marketing will turn out better than hoped for in the long run. No matter how long it takes to start making money online, never give up no matter what. Be inspired.