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  • #Viglink Helps Affiliates Earn Easy Revenue

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    Procrastination and “what if” is not an option in affiliate marketing and blogging. When it comes to the internet, there’s all kinds of money to be readily made from promoting affiliate programs and contextual advertising services on blogs and websites. There’s more than enough for everyone in affiliate marketing as long as you have a computer and internet connection. As emphasized in the past on DrewryNewsNetwork, the beauty of affiliate marketing is not having to worry about getting dressed for a job interview, not worry about having a resume loaded with experience and educational credentials, having a credit check ran on you as part of a corporate hiring decision, nor providing outside or neighborhood references. All it takes is to take the first initial action step to purchase your own domain name so you can brand yourself uniquely on the Internet and a dedicated web hosting package so you can host your self hosted blog on it. And from there, choose your niche topic your blog will be about and search for relevant advertisers pertaining to your niche by searching in your search engine for “quality affiliate networks.”

    Affiliates and bloggers open themselves to unlimited ways of making money on the web. A good thing about earning niche based affiliate commissions is the ability to promote banner advertisements on your blog or website once approved into the affiliate program. When someone clicks the ad and makes a purchase, the affiliate-blogger earns an affiliate commission. You’ll gain hope shortly afterwards about making the web work for you full time as you see commissions slowly trickle in. Making money online will inspire you to test yourself to see if you can become a future millionaire from this. And if you do, remember to help others on up the ladder to affiliate marketing success.

    Alongside a commission based ad on your blog or website, you can join the Google AdSense program and earn money when someone clicks on a Google ad. Or you can join a contextual based ad program whereas certain words or phrases are hyperlinked in blue and underlined.

    Those types of anchor text based ads make good money. When someone clicks one, you earn a commission. The good thing about that is there’s no selling involved. Another words, you earn contextual ad revenue just from people clicking the underlined link. How sweet is that to know can set your blog or website up to the point of earning multiple streams of income from different affiliate programs and not worry about being attended to the computer throughout the day? Are you seeing the big picture in this now?

    Are you still in the dark about purchasing a name and getting web hosting and have not a clue how to succeed in this line of work this line of work? The more you delay in getting organized the more this line of work will not work for you.

    VigLink is similar to Kontera and Info Links. Once approved, publishers-affiliates place a small HTML or JavaScript code into the template of their sites as the can watch certain words or phrases on certain posts immediately hyperlink themselves in underlined blue. These are the hyperlinks that provide adverts to site visitors that make money for publishers.

    The company sent out an e-mail today mentioning the following:


    Did you know that aside from being a monetization tool, VigLink also provides you with important insights into your business? As soon as you successfully install the JavaScript on your website, VigLink begins tracking analytics for your site that can be found in your Dashboard. In this email we’re going to walk you through how to best utilize this valuable tool, and, ultimately, increase your earnings.

    Evaluate Data For Custom Date Ranges:
    The default date range in your dashboard is the last 30 days. However, this is easily customized by clicking on Custom Range and choosing a preset option or selecting a custom date range. To see the exact amount of revenue you earned for a given day, simply hover over the graph.

    Easily Filter Data:
    You can also filter the data in your dashboard by VigLink product (Convert, Insert, Anywhere). Furthermore, you can filter the data in your dashboard by campaign. Keep in mind that when you open your dashboard, it will automatically show you data aggregated from all campaigns and products!

    Use Additional Tabs To Learn Even More:
    Aside from just revenue, which is the default setting, you can click on the tabs “EPC”, “Affiliated Clicks” “Gross Sales” “CTR” and “Pageviews” for a breakdown of data sorted by these important metrics.

    Download Graphs & Generate CSVS:
    Once you’ve selected the filters you want, you can download a graph, print a chart, and/or generate a CSV.

    To see a more in-depth explanation of the VigLink Dashboard and how to use it to your advantage, watch our tutorial video! (see above)

    Next week, we’re excited to share tips and tricks from our most successful publishers.

    'Wishing Upon a Star - Stop Dreaming and Start Doing'

    Are you blogging yet or still dreaming about “good money?” Are you a stock flop and keep putting it off? You’re delaying your own online marketing success if you are one of those slack folk. Good money only comes from putting in work and taking the first step in faith.