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Turning a #Selfie Into #AdvertisingRevenue - How?

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  • Turning a #Selfie Into #AdvertisingRevenue - How?

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    Can anyone make money using social media by sharing images known as "selfies" from their blog website? It's possible to those who believe and do the transformation business work. Making money from selfies shared on social media by partnering with advertisers and placing their advertisements on your blog or website makes it "very possible" for anyone to earn decent ad revenue from sharing pictures of themselves. It's also a process known as affiliate marketing, whereas you, the blogger, earns what's called an affiliate commission when ad ad is clicked, or the ad is clicked and the site visitor makes a purchase.

    By sharing selfies on social networks from your blog or website, this can turn out to be a wonderful online business transformation to earn supplemental income from, in addition to your full-time or part-time day job.

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    Ever thought of making money from sharing selfies on social media? Now is the time for you to get organized with no delay putting your creativity to work.

    If you're truly serious about making money online from friends and family on social networks in addition to blogging selfies and sharing them with people, check out SwagBucks.com. Free to signup and a great way to make money online without owning a blog or website.