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The Truth About #ContentMarketing as a Business

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  • The Truth About #ContentMarketing as a Business

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    Search engines such as Bing, Excite, Google, and YaHoO! scour the web 24 hours a day looking for fresh and informative content to crawl and list in their search engine results pages. Search engines give preference in terms of listing blogs and websites publish informative content daily in a higher position in search results pages. Bloggers and other content creators who take time to create informative content from scratch and provide useful links relevant resources for more information end up receiving more organic traffic in the long run vs. sites who scrape content from others illegally, sites who publish 1 to 2 paragraph blog posts-webpages will only seek quick indexing in the moment by search engine spiders in search results pages, and sites who only publish 1 to 2 sentences that may possibly published 10 to 20 times daily " the sites possibly consist of entertainment-music industry blog updates on your favorite music artists." Another words, the more quality time a blogger or content creator invests in publishing something worthwhile to read that's not a quick blurb, the more they are rewarded by search engines without resorting to paid one dime in advertising to get residual traffic from search engine results pages.

    Building Your Business Site With Content

    One thing millions of everyday people don't know is they can start a blog or website without prior experience. Getting started is not as difficult as most people think. You'll first need a domain name and web hosting package to host your blog-website on. Once a domain name and web hosting has been secured, you can install blog or website software on your web hosting package as the first step in getting started "building your business site with lots and lots of content." WordPress is one of the most flexible and easy blog CMS content publishing platforms available. It's free! Once WordPress has been installed on your domain name and web hosting package, pick a niche "something you're knowledgeable of discussing on a blog or website daily," and make that the complete topic of your site. If you're into cars and want to create a blogger website centered around that topic, you can create subcategories of cars ranging from lists of American car companies from A-Z, and subcategories of foreign car companies starting from A-Z. So if your site is about foreign cars minus American cars and you want to create categories ranging from A-Z, you can start with car companies such as Acura, Alfa Romeo, BMW, British Sterling, Bugatti, Ferrari, Honda, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, and so on. Within those specific categories, you can write anything that comes to mind such as reviews of a car you may have test driven, what you think of a foreign vehicles new list price, and share personal opinions and criticism of foreign vehicles.

    By categorizing car companies, you help search engines spiders better understand what your blog or website is about, potentially helping to list you higher in search engine results pages and resulting in getting better quality traffic years to come long after your content has been indexed in organic search listings. You can build your business site with "lots and lots of content" with in a two to three-year time frame even if you publish once a day. The key to success in getting residual traffic from your published content is to publish daily and sometimes multiple times throughout the day. Make it a positive habit if you happen to publish more than once a day create unique and valuable content 500 words or more. Search engines quietly judge the content of your site and the length of the post "not publicly advertised that search engines do that." The truth is, building your business site with content is well worth giving a try even if you have no experience creating web content for blogs or websites. It may possibly pan out to be the ideal business for you and increase the probability of supplementing your existing income from daytime employment.

    'Playing The Patience Game'

    Many people who try their hand exceeding in the world of online marketing find themselves falling short because of their lack of patience. Content marketing requires "lots and lots of patience." This line of work requires lots and lots of patience because search engine algorithms change without notice. Case you don't know what a search engine algorithm is, unique complex mathematical secret formula search engine companies like Google and Yahoo use to keep the bad guys guessing and their search engine results pages listed with informative content "minus duplicate content and reduction of spam." Patience is a virtue in this line of work because though creating content is lots of work, it's rewarding in the long run. Many people who start blogs and websites seeking to make money online full-time from ads on their site create content with the hope of making money right away. This line of work acquires bloggers and content creators to have a long-term vision about where they desire to be in the world of online marketing. You will not earn much money in the beginning after launching your site.

    This line of work will silently require a change in thought patterns. This is another reason why many people don't make it in the field of "content marketing." It's a fact that "patients yields greatness." Another words, you can start a business and expect to make $1 million-$5 million three years after inception online. Unless you are using PPC "pay per click" advertising services to directly promote your site or promote your advertisers and have prior experience writing effective call to action adds that virtually convert eyeballs into customers "on-the-fly." But that's another topic yet to be discussed on this site in the future. Bottom line is, patience when building your site from scratch with fresh content will take you further than hoped for years to come if you stay on track your webpreneurial goals and continue to move forward faithfully when it seems your site is not getting much traffic. If you desire as a blogger or content creator to be among the online marketing elite and earn good money alone from advertising just from your site content, be mentally prepared to work any time during the day, sometimes in the middle of the night writing fresh content in rough draft mode at your desktop PC or laptop.

    Stable Supplemental Income

    Can a blog or website potentially yield enough revenue as a means of supplemental income? It's all what you make of it. People who have day jobs and seeking a stable means of earning supplemental income can easily fork out a few dollars monthly or yearly for a good web hosting package, start a site, create content to their hearts content, and earn good money from ads on their site. Believe it or not, many people who earn $5-$10,000 or more monthly are people who never discuss how much money they're earning from their site online. They simply focus on creating "lots and lots of quality content," concentrate on building and sustaining meaningful relationships with people on social networks and through e-mail marketing, and take time to offer personal feedback and answer questions from site viewers.

    These are the people who win and retain and convert site viewers years down the road. These are the people who keep their site viewers coming back with minimal effort and convert them into repeat customers when their site continues to run 24 hours a day and the content creator-blogger is in the bed sleeping, waking up in the morning to see they made money from their ads from loyal site visitors. These are the people who understand the importance of building and sustaining relationships on a deeper level of creating quality content. These are the people of virtually guaranteed themselves supplemental income from the time they've invested in publishing quality content daily and most importantly, focusing on the people. The world can be your oyster online financially when you own a blog or website and put out quality information on it with the intention on empowering the people from what you've published.

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    Working From Anywhere

    Creating quality content for a blog or website is possible to do from anywhere. This is the beauty of taking content marketing as a business seriously. First, you'll need a durable laptop with the ability to access the Internet from anywhere. This means you'll need to have a reliable ISP "Internet service provider," where as your computer can connect to the World Wide Web without being near a Wi-Fi hotspot. The second thing you'll need in addition to a durable laptop is a quality speech recognition program. You can simply search in your preferred search engine of choice for "speech recognition programs," as your favorite search engine will return a list of reliable speech recognition programs you can install on your laptop. What does a speech recognition program do? Instead of traditionally typing on your PC keyboard and physically using your fingers to create content for your blog or website, a speech recognition program enables you to use the power of your voice to make words appear on your computer screen.

    Your mouth can help drive traffic to your blog website. It's true! All you have to do once you have the speech recognition program installed on your laptop pull up Microsoft Word in rough draft mode, start typing with your mouth in Microsoft Word draft after your dictation program has been activated, and simply watch the words appear on your screen. After you've completed writing your post or webpage in Microsoft Word rough draft mode, simply turn a speech recognition program off and proofread your work before publishing to your site. This is a simple way of "working from anywhere" creating quality content for your site while building up the value of your blog or website while "on the go." The key to success in working from anywhere is having the mindset to succeed in this field of work and staying consistent with a healthy pattern of publishing quality content to your blog or website daily while on the go. You have to want to do this willingly and gladly if you desire to yield fruitful financial results from advertisements on your site.

    Long Term Vision

    Content marketing as a business "as previously mentioned in the beginning of this post" requires content marketers have a long-term vision where they want their site to be in the next 5 to 10 years. It can't be emphasized enough that a blogger or content marketer will NOT earn significant income shortly after their online presence is launched and announced. That's an illusion some people and companies use as a tactic to get people to purchase their products and services. If you have the intention on starting a blog or website, have the mindset to be willing to make all kinds of positive changes if needed. Begin with the positive intention that your site will succeed even if you start your online business unsure of what you are doing. At least you took the first initial action step of getting online with a domain name and web hosting. You're already one step ahead of the doubters.

    Bloggers and content marketers will also discover as your site grows and begin to see the rise in organic traffic from search engines that send visitors their way, there will be people that come along that have nothing nice to say site owners. This is a critical moment when bloggers and content creators need to stay positive and retain a long-term vision where they desire to be online in the next 5 to 10 years. No matter what the person has going on in their life in terms of employment, family, finance, or otherwise, keep moving forward with the long-term vision of creating quality content and striving to be among the online marketing elite in the next decade. It's a rocky road on the way to the top. The long-term vision will help anyone stay positive about succeeding online within Internet business. Upon reaching the decade milestone of having your site online, you'll look back at the wonderful experiences you've gained along the way and relationships sustained, in addition to the good money earned from ads. As this line of work is not guaranteed to earn anyone income, it will bring out the best, if you believe in yourself and "do the transformation business work."